The Calories In Pineapple And Its Benefits

People generally try to make sure that they eat a healthy diet in order to lead a better lifestyle. However, when it comes to certain fruits, some individuals aren’t always sure about what might be good for them, and what types should be avoided. A lot of this is due to the fear of sugars and other factors. One area where there tends to be some confusion usually involves the amount of calories in pineapple.

The truth is that pineapple can be a great source of nutrition. At the same time, it can also make for a wonderfully tasty and fulfilling snack. This well-loved fruit may have received a bad rap due to its ability to cure a good sweet tooth, but it’s actually packed with several nutrients and vitamins.

Depending on what type of manner you choose to eat pineapple, it is usually high in nutrients like vitamin C and manganese. In fact, a single cup carries over 128% of the recommended daily value for manganese alone. It’s also known for being a good source of iron, vitamin B1, copper, and fiber.

Generally, the number of calories that you’ll find in this delicious-tasting fruit will vary on the manner in which you prefer to eat it. Some people may prefer it fresh and in its natural form. However, it’s also quite common for people to prefer individual cup servings, or even types that come straight from the can.

To gain from the benefits that this fruit can offer, it might help to check the labels of the products before you decide to purchase them. Certain brands may add sugars or fillers, increasing the amount of calories involved. This is usually the case for single-serving selections and canned options.

If you prefer the fruit from the can or similar, it’s usually good to watch out for the sugar content involved. Syrup is usually added to help preserve the fruit and add flavor; however, this can be problematic for those who are trying to watch what they eat. This is why it may help to choose one that comes in a light syrup or water, as well as to eat it in moderation.

Even though things may vary with canned or single servings, there are around 83 calories in pineapple when it’s served by the cup and raw. Those with diabetes may want to avoid eating it alone due to the quick absorption and digestive rate that the fruit promotes, which is why it may help to eat it with a meal that has a good amount of protein to slow this process down. Pineapple can also be served with a variety of dishes, including burgers, pizzas, low fat yogurt, kebabs, salsa, as well as dessert.

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