Oregon: Marijuana Dispensary Security Rules Set

It’s a question of security that is on the table in reference to Oregon’s Medical Marijuana dispensaries. Everyone realizes that there can be a dark element to the industry so the committee that is attempting to hammer out the regulations is now tasked with deciding how to best handle the need for security. Oregon’s medical marijuana dispensaries will be required to have security in place; the question is what will that look like?

The rules are being generation with a lot of input. Police, policy makers and cannabis advocates, are all trying to make sure that their concerns are addressed. What has resulted has been some heated discussion. The process began with the passage of House Bill 3460, but passage was only the first step. Now the committee must develop an overall plan for how the medical marijuana dispensary business will sort out. The law formally legalized the dispensaries which have been operating in a gray area since Oregon voters approved medical marijuana in 1998. It is important to note that although the voters approved the measure, the federal government still considers marijuana a controlled substance and it has not been an easy path to acceptance by the feds. For this reason the committee needs to make doubly sure that the regs fit the bill when it comes to ensuring the industry is viable.

Until recently many of the Oregon dispensaries have has little official interference. Now that the bill has become law the spotlight has been shone on dispensaries and a number of things are being considered in terms of regulation the process such as the application process and the question of security. The deadline for completing the rules is December.

Some on the committee are concerned about some of what is being discussed. Amy Margolis, a Portland-based lawyer on the panel, says she is concerned about the proposed requirement that dispensaries keep 30 days of archived video surveillance. Rob Bovett, the district attorney of Lincoln County, countered Margolis by saying that security for the shops must be “rigorous” to satisfy federal guidelines; guidelines being considered despite the fact that the federal government still does not recognize the new law.Bars and pharmacies don’t have thisrequirement; therefore Margolis feels that dispensaries shouldn’t either.Bovetthowever feels that this is a different kind of animal. “We have something acknowledged to be a federal crime and remain a federal crime.” Bovett was quoted in The Oregonian.Bovett also stated that he was going to “write a letter to Gov. John Kitzhaber including a “laundry list” of what he claims are problems with HB 3460”.

Bovettalso wants the Oregon Legislature to “tweak” the law in February and he says that the state’s plan to hire four people to enforce the rules is “inadequate.” He is also demanding background checks on dispensary employees. Many of the rest of the committee members simply want the medical marijuana dispensaries treated as any other business despite being a new form of business in general. “They are all making it much harder than it has to be,” says Oregon resident Miguel Contrese. “The people voted for it so let’s just make it happen instead of trying to scare up every possible problem down the road. At this rate they won’t be done by next December.

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