Five Ways Vitamin D Helps the Male Organ

A study in 2014 out of Italy found interesting data that low levels of vitamin D may increase the risk of enlarged dysfunction (ED). Lead researcher, Alessandra Barassi, and her team found that of the 143 men they studied with ED, nearly half of them were deficient in vitamin D. On top of that, only one in five had adequate amounts of it. She went on to site that the worst cases of ED had vitamin D levels that were 24 percent lower than the other men in the study. Dr. Barassi believes that a lack of sufficient vitamin D spurs the production of free radicals called superoxide ions which make it hard to get hard. So, in essence, a man needs sufficient vitamin D for his D.

Vitamin D Male Organ Benefits

Vitamin D has numerous benefits that are necessary for overall health. It helps contribute to a healthy body in the following ways:

1) Improves neuromuscular functioning. These fancy words mean it keeps nerves and muscles functioning at optimal levels while optimizing cell regeneration and repairing muscles.

2) It keeps the endothelial cells that line blood vessels healthy. The key to a strong soldier is strong, healthy, oxygenated blood vessels that blood can pump to in order to give a man maximum swell factor.

3) Happier Days. Vitamin D has been recognized for its part in fighting mental health like depression. Depression has an unignorable link to ED and trouble performing.

4) Improves Immunity. Vitamin D improves and maintains a tip-top immune system so a man is ready to go when it’s go-time.

5) Diabetes and Obesity Fighter. Vitamin D is the subject of many studies as a supplemental treatment option for disease states like diabetes and obesity which can both cause temporary or permanent issues with sensual function.

How to Get the Benefits of Vitamin D

The optimal level of vitamin D a person should have is 30 ng/mL or above according to the aforementioned study. What that translates to is 600 IUs of vitamin D daily for adults and 800 IUs daily for those 70 and older. Don’t go hog-wild with the vitamin D though, there are serious ramifications for toxicity.

One of the best and most natural ways to get vitamin D is to get some sun as sunlight stimulates its production in the body. However, too much sun exposure can damage the skin and contribute to early on aging and skin cancer, so be mindful of daily time in the sun.

Many people choose to get their vitamin D through supplements or food. Vitamin D can be consumed in tablet form and should be done under a doctor’s supervision. Choose a reputable brand with efficacious amounts of the sunshine vitamin. For those who prefer to ingest the vitamin via yummy nosh, here is a list of foods which naturally contain varying levels of vitamin D:

– Salmon

– Eel

– Tuna

– Sardines

– Egg yolks

– Cheese

– Vitamin D Milk

– Mushrooms – portabella and shitake are best

– Spinach

– Kale

– White beans

– Soybeans

– Okra

Another way to get more vitamin D in one’s diet is to use a topical cream or lotion as it soaks into the skin quickly. For men who wish to see the downstairs effects of vitamin D, there are specially formulated male organ health cremes (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) which can be applied directly to the member. Partnered up with an all-natural base like Shea butter and joined by other member-friendly vitamins and amino acids, crèmes like these offer direct access to the benefits of vitamin D.

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