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We know that a business card epitomizes an organization’s forte, designation as well as its specialty. And to make them even more attractive, several people are coming up with innovative ideas. Well, a proper business card has a very vital role to play when it comes to the success and establishment of a business organization. But sometimes, people get confused about which card to choose as there are several types of business cards available in the market. Therefore, to help you to select the appropriate card for your organization, here are a few printing techniques of business cards to choose from.

Varnish/Spot UV printed business card design examples

This kind of business card is one of the most common types of cards these days. Nowadays, people prefer glossy effects on their cards so that it doesn’t look ordinary and old. Well, varnish is nothing, but a matte coating done on the card that enhances the durability of the card and protects it with the shiny coat. The enhancement of these cards is done through the printing technique. With the help of spot UV, only certain parts and zones of the card look glossier or richer. You will get several examples of these kinds of cards if you look on the internet.

Embossing / Debossing

Generally, during the time of embossing, heat is pressed into the card. But no foil or ink is used during this process. This technique is mainly used to provide a dense texture to the business cards. On the contrary, the process of debossing is just the opposite of embossing. You will find that it provides the same effect, but the only difference is that, instead of bulging out, the paper is only pressed. A 3D visual effect is crafted out of it. The best part about embossing and debossing is that they can be done in both letters as well as logos. Apart from business cards, you can also use this technique in menu printing.

Foil printing

This is another technique that delivers business cards with a nice and fine shiny texture. To make the card look striking and sophisticated, a colored foil is surged into the cards with the help of a heating die. Majority of times, this technique is used to enhance the look and elegance of logos along with typographies. Linen business cards enjoy foil printing the most. Linen cards are already good looking, and when foil printing is done to those cards, they look way more impressive.

Die laser cutting

These days die laser cutting is one of the most popular techniques when it comes to designing business cards. The new generation of graphic designers is improvising with the older methods and generating something new and innovative out of these cards. Well, the simplest form of die cutting allows a card to get cut in different shapes so that it can look unique as well as unconventional. On the other hand, laser cutting is a process that involves cutting of materials with the help of lasers.

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These are some of the techniques which are used to print business cards. Be it Linen Business Cards or Menu printing , you can use all of these methods to get your desired design as well as class.

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