Advantages of Tri-Fold brochures in the field of marketing

For local business and startups, brochure printing may seem needless budget expense. Compared to printing flyers or printing postcards cheap, trifold brochure printing is a bit expensive. But there are numerous advantages and benefits of this, which are enough to ignore the budget constraint. You can use it as your marketing tool and make your clients take your business seriously. Well, with the help of a creative and attractive trifold brochure, you can answer numerous queries of your clients without overwhelming them. Therefore, it is essential for you to know the advantages of trifold brochures if you are looking for a handy marketing tool.

You can include a lot of information into a small size

It is one of the key benefits of a trifold brochure. They are capable of delivering a lot of information in a quite confined space, which makes them less overwhelming for the clients. Compared to the standard single sided flyer, it will provide you with four times more space. The best part about the trifold brochure is that it utilizes both the sides A4 sized paper. You will get enough space to include images, texts and charts as well. Thus, it is visible that trifold brochures are a convenient way to present a bunch of information to your clients.

You can fold it to your pocket and easy to carry

The name says it all. They are known as ‘trifold’ brochures because you can fold it up into three panels, neatly. Each fold is one third the size of an A4 sheet. And for that reason, it is effortless for the customers to carry it, unlike the posters. You can keep a trifold brochure in your back pocket effortlessly, without bothering much about the space. Because of its pocket-sized nature, it is one of the most popular choices amongst the takeaway restaurants where they can include a good amount of information within a short space.

Break the information into small sections to make it more readable and convenient

If you have a business that consists of a wide range of services and products, you can consider it as an ideal choice for your business. For example, if you have a hair salon with numerous hair treatment options, you can mention all of those in the brochure and hand it to your customers. In a single trifold brochure, you will get six individual panels, which are split between the back and the front of the leaflets. You can utilize each panel individually, so comprise information about your services and products into different price points, categories and several other things.

Cheaper compared to full-scale brochures

Maybe, trifold brochures are more expensive than those single-flyers, but when you compare it to full-scale brochures, they are quite inexpensive. If you have some high-ticket products cars, kitchens and houses, you can avail the full-scale brochures but, in case of cheaper products with relatively low profit, it will be best for you if you opt for a trifold brochure.

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Therefore, these are some of the benefits that you can savor, if you go for Trifold brochure printing . It is a bit expensive compared to the Printing postcards cheap or one-sided flyers, but it is quite capable of turning the potential clients into conversion.

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