EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) and everything that comes with it

Before fathoming the subject further, let us acknowledge the definition of EDDM. Well, EDDM is a postal service, which allows a business to reach numerous residential customers along with business customers of a specific neighborhood, zip code or city. To avail this service, there are some guidelines that you have to follow. Here, is the required information about EDDM service so that you can decide whether it is convenient for you or not. To get the idea about this, you can go through various every door direct mail templates, which will help you to take your decision.

What is EDDM marketing?

Every Door Direct Mail marketing allows you to deliver your marketing mail to a specific demographic area and it could be the city, your neighborhood or zip code. The campaign can be either national or local. It is up to you whether you are choosing residential addresses, business addresses or both. It depends on your customer base as well as on your demographics. Compared to mailing to a target list, EDDM is quite affordable.

Benefits of EDDM

A mailing list is not required

You don’t have to bother about preparing a mailing list as EDDM mailing will be sent to all the addresses of the specific demographics. It will not only save a significant amount of your money, but it will also save a good amount of time of yours.

Postage permit is not required

If you are a retail EDDM customer, you don’t need to purchase postage permit, and that implies the fact that you will be able to save an annual fee along with application fee.

You will get flexible mailing options

It is a very delightful benefit that EDDM offers. EDDM has numerous mailing sizes that provide flexibility in the size of your marketing material such as postcard mailers, business card printing service as well as brochures. Also, you will have control over the printing cost as well as your presentation.

Comparatively cheaper marketing

Well, with EDDM services on your side you will be able to reach a substantial number of customers with a comparatively low price. Since you are in charge of most of your upfront works; you will save on the passes.

Is EDDM convenient for your business?

Numerous businesses can rely on EDDM services to witness the desired growth.

We have already discussed that EDDM touches every address in specific demographics. And for that reason, it is a good option for the products and services that has a significant mass appeal or if it is essential to people. But in case, if you are selling something niche product or services, we would suggest you not to opt for EDDM.

EDDM guidelines

• It should be larger than .5 inch by .5 inch.
• The printed font must be in all caps, and the size will be of a 4-point size, minimum.

• The indicia must be included on the right-hand corner of the mailer. The right edge will be within 1.625 inches, and the top edge should be within 1.375 inches.

These are some of the basic information that you will find in every door direct mail templates.

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So, be it postcard printing, brochure printing or Business card printing service , you can use every door direct mail templates service to mail everything to a specific demographic area.

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