Uses of Bergamot body oil and Gardenia body oil –

Bergamot oil is extracted from the citrus organic product’s skins that are found on bergamot orange trees. If you are a fan of lord dark tea, then you have already enjoyed various tastes of bergamot. It is used to flavor the tea.

Bergamot tree has its earliest roots in Southeast Asia. It is now produced in several parts of the world. However, it has achieved its name and eminence in the town of Bermago which is in Southern Italy.

It is popular for its soothing aroma, spicy taste and various uses. It is widely used in cologne, perfumes, beauty products, toiletries, etc. Edible and nourishing bergamot oil is also used as flavor in food and beverages. It also has healing properties.

The bergamot fundamental oil is highly proclaimed for its fragrance which is used in healing treatment. Keep its aroma close in the following ways –

Use of bergamot oil:
• Bergamot oil for hair
• Bergamot oil for aromatherapy
• Bergamot oil for acne and skin

Advantages of bergamot oil:
• Reduces stress
• Fights against food poisoning
• Reduces cholesterol level
• Helps in reduction of pain and inflammation

Most essential oils are popular for their floral aroma. Most people prefer oils extracted from rose, jasmine and lavender. Gardenia is a floral oil that most people are not aware of. These plants are available in most part of the world, however this oil is rarely found which makes it elusive.

It is made by the drenching petals of Tiare blossom. The blossom and oil both are found in French Polynesia.

Polynesians used this oil for a long time to bless babies, saturate skin and hair and purge protests.

Today, many people use Gardenia oil because of the sensitive aroma. It has several hair and skin care benefits. With continuous study, you can know more about this precious oil.

Monoi oil which is both non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic is made primarily of coconut oil. Coconut oil has several advantages.

Advantages of Gardenia essential oil –

Gardenia essential oil has antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, it has cancer prevention and calming agent. It helps in fighting against bacterial infections. This oil prevents diseases caused by toxins.

It claims to have sedative properties that is very effective. This makes it useful in preventing psychological problems and other stress related medical issues. It is effective in insomnia too.

It has a seductive smell that produces sex hormones in males. For aphrodisiac purpose, add few drops of this oil to your bubble bath.

Get instant relief from respiratory issues by inhaling it through a diffuser or from a warm and wet cloth. Respiratory issues could be infections, clogged sinuses, sore throats and inflammation.

There is a reason behind using gardenia oils as an ingredient in various perfumes, soaps, candles and other scented and aromatic products. It has a sweet smell that helps mind in relaxing. This scent has proven effective for people suffering from depression and anxiety.

You can use Monoi oil for various purposes:

• Shampoo and conditioner
• Facial moisturizer
• Skin and hair moisturizer
• Bath oil
• Cuticle oil
• Massage oil

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