Beijing is one dollar to promote cost

Beijing residents at home, lit the "one dollar saving lamps", is undoubtedly this summer of a practical energy saving. It is understood that Beijing plans to subsidize the promotion this year, five million energy-saving lamps, central, city, and the region around 50 million yuan to subsidize the financial end. So why have such a big […]

In June a small prices or rising air shot check store – air conditioning prices,

Face on June 1, the state air-conditioning subsidies for energy efficiency programs have changed more than a week, currently the major air conditioning brands hurry promotions. Does this mean 61 will be the price after the price increase air it? Reporter learned that a small part of the model's price may be adjusted, the major […]

Policies to promote the development of machinery industry of high – ST-100 Mobil

Machinery industry consumption, reduce energy consumption, product unit cost has been effectively controlled, new product research and development to further accelerate. Can be seen, the industry continuously upgrade their competitive edge is the rapid development of China's machinery industry, and internal factors. However, access to high-driven machinery industry boom area is still a major factor […]

Po Chi Quan goat milk dealers have escaped fled to send a five

Tianhe District, more than thirty subscribers, "weaning" section set to 2,000 yuan from 500 yuan range, the manufacturer says can not be responsible for "Provides three months of milk for five days just to send people ran away." Yesterday, several members of the public complained to the newspaper, said Bao Quan Chi Tianhe District, goat […]

Does not match with the tag clothing fabric clothing company, "a compensabl

The plug was found to buy a tag and sewing clothes, clothing fabric elements within the logo shown below do not match, Miss Lau, a famous clothing company in negotiations with the results of the case without a lawsuit against the company, require the company to refund 3940 element, and double compensation 3,940 yuan. Yesterday, […]