Tried & Tested Social Media Marketing Tips

The point which many people fail to remember about social media marketing is the fact that they are networks in which the message travels based on word of mouth (or keyboard). One person views the message, enjoys it and shares it with friends on the network. A message that is beneficial and worthy of sharing can quickly go viral on all the social networks.

The result is therefore, most of your efforts and plans for any campaign need to be focused towards making it viral. The quality of the message definitely matters. That is only one element, and there are many others – for instance whether or not the your social media pages have plenty of fans and friends.

If your business is very well-liked with no shortage of twitter followers and connections on Facebook etc, then any message your business sends out will reach out a great deal further. On the other hand, if your business isn’t so popular, then the same message might not get as good a response. The lesson here is that before cooking up marketing strategies, it is important to first determine the outcomes. If it’s at all possible get the accounts managed by a rep who can build your creds on the networks.

An additional point to keep in mind is that all networks are not the same , so replicating the same message to each network can backfire. For example, Twitter needs to have the message short and insightful enough to compel the user to want to click on the link. On the flip side Facebook favors messages with multimedia content and longer explanations, as visiting links is more troublesome here.

Media content is definitely relevant for all of the networks. Most of us have very short attention spans on the internet these days, and any text that does not get to the point within the first few sentences is bound to be overlooked. Even on social networks, a picture or video remains the simplest way to grab a user’s attention and get more clicks.

Various other strategies have been tried and tested and identified to be continually successful, such as prompting users to follow or friend your account in exchange for getting discounts and/or being placed into a contest. It’s also worth taking the effort to mix traditional and online campaigns, by promoting social media handles in printed materials and ad copy.

Whichever technique you choose for social media marketing, the actual end result is always going to be two-fold. The first outcome would be to increase the amount of followers and friends. The second is to try and get the message or campaign to go viral. If both of these goals and objectives are accomplished, then the campaign can be considered to be a success.

Social media marketing is an excellent method to advertise your company. Learn how to use social media marketing to its fullest by joining our free training webinars. Stop by my blog at to connect with me and receive more social media marketing tips.

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