Free Traffic Is Probably The Biggest Internet Marketing Myth

Daegan Smith once said a statement:

People in mlm network marketing LOOOOVE two things more than anything else.

One is leads.

Another is free.

Combine both of them and they are all ears to listen to what you have to say.

This is one of the main reasons why most of the gooroos make a killing by teaching strategies involving free methods like

Article marketing
Social media

And stuff.

I am not saying these methods are bad or anything like that.

They are powerful and effective when done right.

But the point is that “many people MISS the big picture while chasing the free leads”.

Here’s what I mean.

Several years back, I was reading a forum thread where there was a debate going on about free traffic (leads) vs paid traffic (leads).

One newbie commented:

“Hey, I am a newbie. So OBVIOUSLY I have to focus on free methods.”

You see, that statement sums up the attitude of over 95% of the mlm marketers.

Truth is that people want to build a business in the easiest way possible.

They don’t want to spend money at first (I am talking about the majority).

They don’t value their time (which is what you need to spend to get free leads).

They look at everything from a “how can I achieve this without any financial risk”.

The reality is that most of them spend FAR more time and money buying courses on free leads than what they would have spent on buying traffic.

It may not seem obvious at first but months later when you do the calculation, you will realize what I am talking about.

Now, I am not saying everyone should use paid methods.

If someone cannot afford a decent marketing budget, then methods like article marketing, blogging can really help provided they TAKE MASSIVE ACTION.

Free traffic and leads is NOT bad.

It’s the attitude of “how to get something for virtually” which is the destructive one here.

What people really need to learn is HOW TO MAKE SALES.

See if you can make money even after paying for traffic, then that means you can keep buying traffic and making more and more money.

That’s what million dollar income earners do.

So what you need to learn is the art of selling.

Do that and you can buy traffic and turn that into sales at a profit.

If you have a financial problem, go for free methods, master it, get the leads, make sales and reinvest the money on paid marketing techniques.

Truth is that free leads, free marketing is NOT exactly scalable.

Paid marketing is scalable.

The growth potential is tremendous once you make paid methods work.

Bottomline is that: To be successful, you need to learn how to make sales.

Do that and ALL THE TRAFFIC SOURCES IN THE WORLD become essential free for you.

Watch this video for more info on online marketing free traffic. It talks about the free traffic vs paid traffic debate.

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