Nutritious chicken Recipes

[I:] If you are thinking of imposing a sort of moratorium on your food costs then you are always welcome because splurging on foods not only drains your money, but also makes you vulnerable to many diseases. You may have myriad of reasons for curbing your food costs but you can always resort to some chicken recipes, whenever you think of providing a healthful and hearty meals to your family at low prices. Comparatively you need to spend just fraction of money on the chicken recipes when compared to other high profile and highly nutritious food items.

Normally the bone less and skinless chicken breasts cost more than their bony and skinny counterparts.You can gain from the lean meat which is shaved off while shearing the meat. You can also make it with the boneless, skinless thighs. After acquiring them you can shear of the meat to manageable pieces and trim its extra fat too.

Meat is supposed to be the expensive portion of the meal. You can limit its use and substitute it with less expensive and healthy ingredients like potatoes, rice and vegetables. These ingredients will not only help keep you to keep your family happy with satisfying recipe, but also eliminate the fat and provide the nutrients that are vital for the development of a body. If you are not in the mood to substitute other ingredients in the place of meat, then you can think of curbing the overall portions of the meat by keeping tabs on its sizes. The meat can be trimmed down using the meat shears. This trimmed meat can be added to the dish to enhance its nutritive and cosmetic value.

Here are some suggestions which you can consider in case of the chicken recipes

Begin working on this recipe by adding a steamed pot of jasmine rice to finely chopped chicken fried in olive oil.Then go on adding garlic, olives, scallions, tomatoes and bell pepper to this mixture and flavorize it using herbs and seasonings. You can spice up the dish as per your taste preferences and even you can team it with any green salad that you enjoy.

You can make an interesting comfort food by searing the chopped chicken with the mushrooms or garlic. Then amalgamate it with white wine, Marsala sauce and layer it with the crackled black peppercorns. You can serve it as a side dish for mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables such as broccoli, baby carrots, summer squash and cauliflower.

Sear your chicken and serve it with any rich Parmesan cheese or Romano cheese , romaine lettuce and homemade croutons. This chicken dish tastes good only when topped with any Caesar dressing. Also dont forget to enjoy it on a hot day.

Thus with a small imagination and even smaller planning you can curb the food costs and serve your family the best meals of their lifetime. These chicken recipes will help you to prepare delicious and nutritious fare for your family with few ingredients and even fewer preparatory methods.

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