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Buy Air conditioning Was selected with the room style tune, and select

Washing machine To consider can kill bacteria, and these even now seems a little unrealistic demands, exactly what the new competition next year point home appliance industry. Recently, the two branches of different products in the field of home appliance company released the same day in 2008 new, no longer dwell on the past price wars, function battle, the two companies even while eyeing

Consumption Have missed the selling point, which opened a "tip" on the "tat" as prelude to the new competition.

Oaks Great turn ??? Air-conditioning is also required to

Arts Price war??? Capabilities war??? War of words, and repeatedly into the competition cycle air-conditioning industry seems to have been repeated year after year, "yesterday's story," while holding a ticket this old air-conditioning business really, "remains the same" and is one of the few. So, some people began to turn things to consider tomorrow.

12 20 Oaks Air Conditioning has released the latest 2008 series of products??? "Still Commodities" series. In the recently proposed "Decoration integration" concept, emphasizing air conditioning and home, "harmony" after the Oaks also highlighted the new art design, so that air conditioning be home, "finishing touch." It is understood that South Korea's well-known designers who spend lots of money to hire the overall appearance of the product design, known as "Pegasus Morris pattern" in

Panel Pattern, its inspiration is from home, "Binding of the father," William? Morris. Meanwhile, the Oaks Group has also made marketing a full range of deployment. In addition to the strength of a large initial investment, the Oaks "is still Commodities" series in the later stage also takes a huge financial and material resources, and spend millions to build a new "home" flavor of the two

Advertisement Film. Oaks Air Conditioning Sales Manager Zheng Hongwei said that the "product is still" series launch, in addition to maintaining air conditioning advanced performance, the design breakthrough, but also promote Chinese air conditioner in the world market has again a new position.

With peers or even this forecast, the Oaks "is still Commodities" series introduction, is a traditional air conditioning industry upside, Oakes's "air-conditioning industry for the first time CROSSOVER (cross), ie Artists

Cooperation , Into the household electrical appliances of art "concept, also will feature air-conditioning products for the first time break from the real concerns of home demand

Life Details. Matsushita Volte-face ??? Washing machine can become

Disinfection cabinet 12 20, "guard bacteria violations, the health care of women"??? 2008 washing machine sterilization technology seminar held in Beijing. One bright spot was that Panasonic developed a new washing machine sterilization technology??? Photodynamic silver sterilization. The use of this technology is also considered as a washing machine to fulfill the dream of disinfection cabinet.

Learned that this photodynamic sterilization technology allows silver washing machine in the laundry process

Launch Out of blue under the blue, silver ions play a catalytic role in the active site to activate oxygen in water and air to produce hydroxyl, hydroxyl fungi in a short time to death, which played a hydroxyl plus silver ions double sterilization technology, the more thorough sterilization. Panasonic Inclined

Roller Laundry Clothes Dryers Alpha series is the use of silver in this photodynamic sterilization techniques. Technical Institute of Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences in accordance with "A Review of antimicrobial sterilization methods," Alpha Series Panasonic washing machine on the test results show that light moving silver antibacterial silver ion technology and common sterilization techniques compared to other bacteria Candida albicans geometric decline in sterilization power can raise 100 times and 24 times.

Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of China Association said home appliances, light action of silver after the application of technology in the washing machine, a good solution to the household problem in the sterilization of laundry is washed in a new development in health. Sterilization technology breakthroughs to make washing machines to achieve a truly "clean."

While industry experts believe that, antibacterial, antimicrobial materials used in home appliances has been extensive and rare, but the details in terms of technological innovation under the full effort, but also indicates the washing machine industry, the degree of competition in high fine.

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