Lv Weimin: Best Buy has ambitions as China's best retailer – Best Buy, Five Star, the National United States – HC Network Appliance Industry

Lv Weimin for the first time to face the media, it shows Best Buy's ambitions in the Chinese market.

Shanghai Xujiahui center will be Best Buy's new "battlefield." Dormant in the Chinese market two years after it was the largest in North America

Consumer Electronics Retailers in China, also in the first store outside North America will be in trial operation here. Bainaohui around the Pacific

Digital Square IT Consumer products and as far away some of Square

States United States Suning, are ready to launch a pair of the traditional retail Idol's "encirclement and suppression."

Yesterday (December 27, 2006) , President of Best Buy China, Best Buy Senior Vice President Lv Weimin first public face of the media. Two years ago, is Lv Weimin hand in making China the world's first Best Buy

Purchase Headquarters. "If you need 500 stores, we are open to anything"

Best Buy store in China in the first area of 8000 square meters, 4 floors. But the opening of the first store, even took 7 months. For GOME, Suning, the 7 months meant that opened less than 100 stores. The Lv Weimin for this "Tortoise and the Hare," The poor rate of peril.

Reporter: Best Buy location in China seems not smooth, there are rumors that Best Buy had deliberately stationed in Beijing Madian

IKEA Site, but was disrupted plans GOME.

Lv Weimin (hereinafter referred to Lu): On the issue of access Madian, a mass media a lot, but it is not true.

Reporter: But with seven months to open a shop, time is not too long?

Lui: Best Buy site has a good flow, whether in China or in the international arena, both from the site schedule is considered fast. As for speed, I think the main problem is that the consumer need for such speed? If the consumer needs of 500 stores, we have opened up. Speed is not the most important, we will develop according to customer needs.

Reporter: Best Buy's expansion plans in China, how?

Lu: specific Business Details not be disclosed, but to enter any new market, Best Buy is walking on two legs. Find the one hand,

Cooperation Partners, as we have with the five-star

Electrical Of Investment Cooperation; on the other hand to achieve its own brand of shop. We will be the same in China, these two paths to follow.

We believe that the North American market, China is the largest and most potential market. We are confident in the Chinese market, but also very ambitious in a very short time become the largest, best

Home Appliances Retailers. "Consumers will get the best price"

Best Buy facing side of the Chinese competitors bother?? Suning Zhang Jindong, chairman, once said, "Best Buy to become the main rival Suning have to wait at least 3 years"; side is the household electrical appliance enterprises increasingly brutal reorganization of its sales expectations of the order of competition as Best Buy on almost all products to buy out the procurement.

Reporter: domestic retailers that Best Buy is still small in China

Student You have to see how?

Lu: China is really our primary school students, but for consumers, competition is not competition between peers. On peers for Best Buy to bring the "change beginning," Our model is different with different ideas. In the past two and a half years, we spent a lot of effort to understand Chinese consumers, Best Buy is the real strength of "customer centric" philosophy.

Different from domestic enterprises, the implementation of all our staff are non-commission system, the staff dress uniform, after a long professional training, can provide consumers with unbiased, impartial consultation shopping, we can truly based on customer needs and budget plan for the product.

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