The Reason Why To Consider Seenex As The Right Biometric Security System

A biometric security system is designed for security and access control applications. This device is utilized to measure or identify physical characteristics of a person which can be checked on an automated basis. This gadget can identify your behavioral trait, iris and retinal scan, fingerprints patterns, hand geometry, facial characteristics, voice prints, hand written signature and DNA sequence characteristics to determine your identity.

Today you can find this system in any common places as it is now offered in pretty affordable price. For future identification or verification purposes, there are some processes, kinds of enrollment whereby the biological info is taken and stored in a database.

This technique is considered as the most trusted identification among others since this system utilizes biological info on a person. Then, Seenex as a reliable company in providing security system since 2001 produces a biometric security system with those different types of identification. This company offers a proven security system for both home and international critical infrastructure (CIS) needs. As we have mentioned slightly above, now we’re also discussing several types of biometric security system for further.

Starting with fingerprint recognition, you may be interested in knowing what it is actually. This kind of identification becomes the most used by which the verification is gained from the impressions produced by unique ridges and valleys on the surface of human’s fingertips. Second identification, facial recognition is needed to analyze particular facial characteristics. This method identifies the length of the nose, the angle of the jaw and the distance between your eyes. Facial recognition is often applied for surveillance process.

A biometric security device may also identify hand geometry that is based on the measurement of the form of your hand. It really is completely different from fingerprints identification. Hand geometry method is applied to identify width, length, and height of the fingers or the distance between your joints.

Voice recognition is usually applied to identify a person based on the various characteristics in his or her voice. This identification includes pitch, tone, cadence, for instance. Firstly, the system will capture types of your speech and change it to an electronic format to generate a biometric template.

The next method, biometric security device can recognize your iris for identification. This method is often used for access control into a facility. The recognition is gained by analyzing the distinctly colored ring which surrounds the pupil of eyes. Iris is considered as a part of human body that can not change just like any other physical characteristics would change by age. Also, it is believed that there are more than 250 unique characteristics.

Furthermore, Seenex supplies complete secure access control, including designing, installing, updating the system with innovations and also training its clients. Seenex also provides other products on security system such as access control portal systems, visitor management systems, surveillance systems, explosive/chemical detection, metal detection, and smart card technologies.

For overall, Seenex has become a trusted company in providing security system series. Thus we recommend you to consider their products if you are looking for those devices especially a biometric security system.

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