He Broke Up With Me – How Do I Get Him Back?

It’s a common question many women ask at one point or another in their lives: he broke up with me how do I get him back? The good news is that no matter how hopeless it seems you may be able to have your dream guy back with you… if you follow some simple advice.

This advice has helped thousands of people fix the problems in their relationship and get back together with their ex, it can help you too. Some of the tips may seem odd or completely wrong, but they’re not. Just follow the steps and don’t think you can skip any, and you will have a very good chance of having your ex back with you.

Another word of warning, don’t expect this to happen quickly. It will take anywhere from several weeks to several months and I know that while you’re in so much pain it will seem like too long to wait, but if you try to rush it, you will only make you and your ex more miserable. Have faith and follow these steps and you’ll more than likely be happy that you did.

Now is not the time to be available to your ex. It’s one thing to let him know how much you love him when the two of you were together, but now it will just seem creepy. You have got to give him space. I know how hard this can be, you’ll be terrified he might meet someone else, but you can’t be hounding him and expect him to want to have anything to do with you. If you are practically stalking him all you’re going to do is stroke his ego and / or make him mad. Give him space and stay away.

Don’t worry, this time apart will probably go more quickly than you thought because you’ll be busy. Now is the time to assess the type of woman you are. When you take a long look at yourself and the way you act, what things would you like to change? Those are the things you need to concentrate on now. Spend some time trying to become a better person.

One thing you have to remember is that these changes are about you and making yourself better. True, eventually you’re hoping that your ex will notice the changes and decide they want you back, but ultimately you aren’t changing for them, you are changing because you want to improve yourself.

Don’t start dating other guys to make your ex jealous. That is childish and dumb and will most likely kill any chance you have of getting him back. Just spend time with your friends and have fun no matter how hard it is. Live your life and word will get back to him and he’ll be feeling like he’s missing out on something.

These tips are simple but very effective. If you’re willing to give him some space and work on your issues, you’ll have a really good chance of getting your ex back. I hope this answers the question: he broke up with me how do I get him back? Good luck!

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