Is the Christian Family in Peril?

Recently I had to cut back on the amount of hours I work because after all the years of working 2 jobs and 60 – 70 hours a week it had taken a toll on my body and I just couldn’t do it anymore. Because of this I have had to re-evaluate what is truly needs and what are just what I thought were needs.

The Bible teaches that God will take care of us. He will supply our needs. However much of what we think are needs, are more what we think we need as people who have gotten used to living at a certain standard of living. However I must ask myself, and ask you, what is more important? Is living the american dream, of having the new car, fancy house, extra toys in the garage, and the latest and greatest home entertainment center more important than instilling solid spiritual and emotional values in our families?

What is more important? What does God really care about? I am not going to tell you what to think in this area, I am just going to ask you some questions to make you think and come to your own conclusions.

1.) Are your children going to remember the latest video game system you bought them 20 years from now, or remember that you spent all your time at work and never had time for them?

2.) Is your wife going to remember the new dress, new shoes, you were able to buy her, or is she going to remember that all you ever did when you got home was fall asleep in front of the TV because you were so tired?

3.) Is your husband going to remember that you are adding 100 dollars a week to the family budget after paying for child care, a second car payment, insurance, gas, and the extra expense of eating out more often because you don’t have time and energy to cook, or remember that his home is not a sanctuary because you don’t have time to make it one?

4. How many hours per week are you working to pay for that new car payment, that extra room in the house, that top of the line remodeling job, or the swimming pool or hot tub in the back yard? Is it possible that the amount of time you are spending to pay for all these “needs” could be better spent focusing on things that really matter like instilling Christian values and emotional support to those you love?

5. What do you think God cares about? Is it more important to Him that you get extra stuff or spend extra time investing in people? As it is, most families are doing good to give God 1 hour a week on Sunday. Do you honestly think you can instill values in someone with only 1 hour a week?

Our Christian families are in crisis. The divorce rate and the rate of our children not following Jesus is just way too high. The amount of broken lives in our nation and world is breaking the heart of God. We must change our value system. Where does it start? How do we change it?

We must reject the commercial and consumer mentality that has been ingrained in us by Hollywood and Madison Avenue. We must become counter-cultural and say no to one more “need”. The need we have is FAMILY!

Now that is something to think about!


Pastor Duke

Pastor Duke is the Author of the up and coming premier Christian blog called Taber’s Truths. He has over 100 articles that will encourage you spiritually and emotionally. He has over 500 people that daily visit his blog just to read the latest article and use his writings as a source of strength for their daily lives.
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