Jiangmen: appliance stores next month, or lifting the promotion battle

Golden Week, Jiangmen

Home Appliances

All the promotional style all their own stores, Shaoqi Jiangmen appliance market this year a fire most fire, but on weekdays


Performance of the downturn, home appliance dealers in general also failed to complete the sale this year given the task. Postganglionic Jiangmen appliance stores quickly returned to the calm, which made many appliance vendors has the energy to go organize the "promotion" activities in mind, look for a variety of opportunities to burn a fire in the end.

Recently, reporters from Jiangmen

Country United States

Understand that countries use the U.S. is brewing in the country in November to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the United States last year, large-scale promotional activities. Other home appliances dealer immediately to undertake follow-up response, have launched some of brewing in the November theme discount promotions.

States United States brewing "birthday" promotion

"Jiangmen appliance industry sales this year, general weakness, has yet to complete the booking of sales appliance dealer mission." According to the United States adopted national sales manager Jiangmen Zeng Yi description, even if the fire was a Golden Week, appliance sales soar to 1.8 times last year, but annual appliance sales sagging, the country still failed to complete annual U.S. sales of the task. To this end, Jiangmen States in November the United States is preparing to launch a large-scale main promotional activities.

Appliance stores in November changed the "battlefield"

"At the end of


New home many people will increase the demand for home appliances. "Jiangmen


Marketing Department Luhai Tang minister said each year, there will be a demand for home appliances small peaks, while the dealer will seize this opportunity to introduce various incentives to compete for tourist promotion. This year, though the fire in 11 weeks, a handful of gold, but


Turmoil, home appliance industry has a relatively slow period. Therefore, Jiangmen powerful appliance vendors are brewing at the end of the year again to introduce some influential promotional activities, trying to look at the end of the last impulse sales.

"11 promotional activities should be introduced in the month that the plan being negotiated." Recently, this reporter visited the Gome and Suning, the ocean, constant hair, etc. found in Jiangmen major appliance dealers, in addition to the country the United States has made clear in November by the "birthday" new round of promotional activities, Suning, and other home appliances dealer are also actively preparing for the launch in November a series of promotional activities. The businesses in the 11 to less than a month after the Golden Week once again the desire to stimulate consumer spending, offers the strength is likely bigger than the Golden Week, this year's unprecedented offer of promotions since.

Industry forecasts, Jiangmen Gold home appliances market in the 11 weeks after the business will again be lit, into a battlefield promotion and shopping.

Smart consumer appliances

postganglionic Guide:

One-stop shopping can "negotiate" profit

Reporter visited the home appliance stores found that many smart people can buy best prices for home appliances, in the selection will be more time to run several appliances stores, and various home appliances such as detailed records of the prices down, one by one comparison. Way to run down, consumers can buy appliances do to save a sum of money, but also cost consumers a lot of energy and time.

Reporter observed the consumer electronics market is also found in Jiangmen, Jiangmen City, the current appliance stores and a few years ago has been quite different, both store size and product type, earth-shaking changes have taken place. Currently, both countries a strong U.S. presence in Jiangmen, Jiangmen Suning, or local fast growing up and the constant ocean hair electrical appliances, Jiangmen appliance stores sold many of the products have garnered

Washing machine



, Air conditioning, electric water heaters and other traditional home appliances, including a juice machine, cooker hoods and other kitchen appliances, already has a one-stop shopping to consumers the ability to provide appliances.

Jiangmen branch of China Construction Bank, Financial Planner Mr Leung pointed out that if consumers need to buy a certain amount of home appliances, in addition to shop around for the traditional concept of consumption, consumers making consumer appliances, they can considered more time-energy one-stop shopping. Consumers during a one-stop shopping, bargaining is already mastered the initiative, can take the initiative to make concessions to the business requirements. "Businessmen do not want to lose a big customer, they will make larger concessions to shop around can get the price advantage can take the initiative to bring back bargaining negotiations."

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