Apricot Kernels, Cancer and Vitamin B17

Above the many years there have been a amount of blended messages about apricot kernels, which incorporate the controversial vitamin B17 (also acknowledged as amygdalin), and their usefulness in equally treating cancer and keeping it at bay. Amygdalin is a molecule with four components – two of glucose (sugar), one of benzaldehyde and 1 of cyanide. It appears that the cyanide component of amygdalin is the one that either has everyone hitching up their skirts and jogging for the hills, or conversely, hunting for a way to declare it as their individual and using it as a prospective cancer remedy. It would appear that when the public eats apricot kernels, with the inevitable cyanide part, it may possibly be very harmful, but when scientists modify the cyanide component, and phone it a therapy, it may be very protected. Confusing isn’t it?

On the 7th September 2000, ‘The Independent’ told us that researchers at Imperial School London had located that the ‘magic bullet of cyanide could destroy cancer cells’. Apparently, a Dr Deonarain from Imperial University stated that for the initial time they had been able to display that they could destroy cancer cells employing a ‘prodrug activation approach’ (his words, not mine). The paper described the ‘magic bullet’ as a cyanide cocktail derived from the cassava plant. Could this be due to the fact, along with apricot kernels, the cassava plant also contains B17 (amygdalin)?

However, ahead of we unhitch our skirts and return from the hills we want to know about the ‘Fatal hazards of option cancer cures on the web’ as documented in ‘The Sunday Times’ (3rd August 2004). It looks that ‘thousands of cancer individuals are risking their health by adhering to the advice of alternative remedy sites advertising bogus cures’. Edzard Ernst, who is apparently the country’s only professor of complementary medicine (plainly a lonely task), named for the federal government to steer people away from remedies promoted on the mightyinterweb! Shockingly, researchers identified that dozens of solutions were currently being promoted as curing or preventing cancer – such as shark cartilage, coffee enemas, mistletoe and ‘apricot extracts’ – frightening things!

The Sunday Days report obviously demonstrated the sheer foolishness of taking your wellness into your individual fingers. And as if their dire warning was not enough, in 2006 (11th April), the great outdated BBC permit us know ‘Watchdog warns more than apricot seeds’. Is there no acquiring away from apricots! The BBC reported that the Food Specifications Company are anxious that cyanide can be poisonous in higher doses, and that we ought to eat no far more than two bitter apricot kernels per day. In the identical report, Cancer Study Uk (also apparently worried by apricots) warns us that the statements of apricot pips curing cancer are simply not correct. They state that ‘if basically eating apricot seeds could treatment cancer, no 1 would be a lot more delighted than us’. Maybe they need to have to get collectively with Dr Deonarain from Imperial University?

In buy to be able to make an informed judgment about what’s actually going on we should really just take a look at the science behind the headlines.

The orthodox theory of cancer

As most of us are conscious, the conventional watch of cancer is that the lump/tumour/progress ‘is the cancer’ and that this needs to be handled with medical procedures, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or maybe hormonal or immunotherapy. The notion is that by shrinking the expansion, or cutting it out of the body, the cancer will be absent. This is unless of course the cancer has metastasised (spread to other locations), in this circumstance yet another course of treatment method may be advised, or the individual may be informed that the cancer has distribute too far and absolutely nothing more can be done.

The option concept of cancer

The choice watch is that the lump/tumour/expansion ‘is not the cancer’ but is the ‘symptom’ – a indicator that one thing is heading incorrect with the normal stability of the entire body. It is thought that as soon as the underlying dilemma is corrected the development will merely be reabsorbed into the system. Although, it is agreed that if the expansion is not reabsorbed and is ugly, or so large as to interfere with the typical working of a specific location of the physique, then it should be eliminated by surgery.

The growth is not considered to be ‘pure cancer’ – maybe as minor as 20% is in fact cancerous, with the remaining 80% becoming non-cancerous. It is recommended that the cancerous location of the development is a lot more resistant to radiotherapy than the noncancerous region and as a result less likely to be destroyed. In other phrases, the development may be lowered, but the cancer might nonetheless remain and can probably spread.

If we injure ourselves a healing approach begins and the affected cells are replaced with new cells. Nevertheless, it is thought that cancer is a therapeutic approach that has not switched off. In other phrases, if the body is deficient in one thing that is important for homeostasis it may not work properly and the therapeutic method may just carry on going. The outcome is that the physique will start off to recover, and then recover once again and once again until finally a development lastly appears.

There are apparently two lines of defense versus this above-therapeutic approach and the development of cancer. The very first requires ‘Proteolytic enzymes’ (enzymes designed to digest protein), which are created by the pancreas. The two proteolytic enzymes, trypsin and chymotrypsin, dissolve the protective protein coating close to cancer cells and this properly makes it possible for the body’s white blood cells in to attack and demolish the cancer cells.

The 2nd line of defense against cancer are substances recognized as nitrilosides. (It is imagined that there are much more than 800 food items in the nitriloside household). These nitriloside food items include vitamin B17 (amygdalin) which is created up of four parts – two of glucose (sugar), a single of benzaldehyde and one particular of cyanide. The cancer cell wall has an enzyme known as beta-glycosidase (also identified as the ‘unlocking enzyme’). When B17 (amygdalin) and the unlocking enzyme come into contact the cancer cell is destroyed. It can be exciting to notice that beta-glycosidase is identified in cancer cells, and in no other cell in the body (therefore, no other cell can be wrecked). As writer G. Edward Griffin factors out in his 2005 presentation – ‘this is an remarkable mechanism of nature that could not have been accidental’. (See references and links below).

Consequently, in this option see of cancer, there is no ‘cure’ simply because cancer is in reality all portion of the all-natural physiological processes of the system. It is only when the therapeutic cells are permitted to create unchecked, and our organic lines of defense are down, that it gets to be a issue. Some people even sense that we possibly build cancer above and over once more during our lives, but on most events our defense systems just offer with it – we in no way know we have had cancer.

This theory seems to be backed up by G. Edward Griffin’s intriguing explanation of the cattle on America’s mid-west farms. In an interview for FHV (A Norwegian consumer well being flexibility organization) Griffin explains the adhering to: In the mid-west part of the united says farmers discovered that, in the winter season months, their cattle would build cancers in their mouths. Nevertheless, as the snow melted away and the spring arrived along, the cattle would start to take in the broad-leafed grasses (wealthy in B17) and the cancers would basically disappear.

Q & A’s

If this principle of cancer is actually correct, why doesn’t my physician know about it?

This is a controversial subject matter since there seem to be to be a range of conflicting or competing interests involved. You may like to enjoy the 2nd component of G.Edward Griffins explanation of the politics of cancer for a entire comprehending of why this data seems not to have filtered down to physicians and GP’s. You can uncover this in the references and backlinks section below: The Science and Politics of Cancer 2005, Areas 4 – 7, The politics of cancer remedy: The Pharmaceutical Cartel.

If we have two lines of defense to prevent cancer why would both of these fail?

It would seem that our modern diet plans, total of animal fats and dairy products, use up enormous amounts of pancreatic enzymes in purchase to break down this form of foods – thereby depleting stocks when they are essential to combat cancer. There are also other reasons, this kind of as having a situation like ‘diabetes’, in which the pancreas is usually weakened and consequently significantly less able to develop these needed enzymes. There might also be a hereditary aspect exactly where, once again, the pancreas is weak and therefore unable to purpose completely or properly from birth.

The breakdown of our 2nd line of defense may just be due to the absence of foods from the nitriloside household. Numerous of these food items typically have a bitter style and as a result might be averted by most individuals – consequently they grow to be much less offered in traditional supermarkets about time. Although, there is also the difficulty of meals these kinds of as bread that used to have ‘Millet flour’ (prosperous in B17/amygdalin), but now generally include the cheaper ‘wheat flour’.

Can cancer be remedied?

The conventional see would be that experts are definitely hunting for a ‘cure’ for cancer. Nonetheless, the option watch of cancer looks to show that it is potentially a metabolic disorder triggered by natural deficiencies and for that reason we want to introduce nitriloside meals back into the diet program for the relaxation of our lives and probably consider about modifying our diets. This is why individuals who are worried about cancer might be focusing on apricot kernels – a foods really large in B17/amygdalin.

A lot of men and women who maintain the substitute watch of cancer would examine it to a metabolic disorder such as scurvy. Scurvy was only settled by taking vitamins C, as most individuals know. Nevertheless, nutritional vitamins C could not be explained to be the ‘cure’ for scurvy since in purchase to maintain the disorder at bay you plainly require to take in foods abundant in vitamins C for the rest of your lifestyle. A ‘cure’ implies that you just need to have to appropriate the problem the moment and then it is solved.

Are there other factors concerned in the growth of cancer?

Yes, it would look that toxic compounds in our atmosphere and contaminants that we get into the physique may well produce a therapeutic response in the locations that are affected by these contaminants. For case in point, we may harm the lungs if we smoke and this could provoke an about-therapeutic reaction – which could then not change off if we are deficient in proteolytic enzymes or nitriloside foodstuffs. This could explain why some people who smoke build cancer, whilst others never.

Are there therapists who can use the option strategy if someone previously has cancer?

Certainly, we believe that there are therapists who might be able to aid. You could try out the ‘Gerson Assistance Group UK’ or the ‘Gerson Institute’ – or possibly the’ World Without having Cancer’ website. (Even though, we need to anxiety that ‘The Velvet Mind’ and ‘Andersen Counselling’ has no affiliation with any of the sites (or publications) talked about in this article and do not give medical assistance of any type).

Why is it at times advised that individuals need to try to eat pineapple and papaya melons to retain cancer at bay?

It is our comprehension that these certain fruits mimic the action of some of the proteolytic enzymes – thereby dissolving the protein coating of the cancer cell. Papaya melons as a supply of the enzyme papain, and pineapple as a resource of the enzyme bromelain.

Are there any books I can acquire that present me how to contain nitriloside foods in my diet?

Certainly, in 1976 a woman referred to as June de Spain (former toxicologist and a pharmacologist for the Federal Foods and Drug Administration in the U.S) wrote a e-book referred to as ‘The minor cyanide cookbook – delightful recipes rich in vitamin B17’. There was quite a bit of controversy surrounding the creating of this e-book and her perform for the FDA at the time – you may want to lookup ‘Google’ to find out much more.I feel her e-book is nonetheless accessible by way of the ‘World devoid of Cancer’ web site or ‘Amazon UK’.

Can Cancer be Cured?

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