How to cook low

CCID statistics: in 2009, from the world

Small appliances

Various accounting industry point of view, kitchen and small household electrical appliances accounted for 65.1%, to smoke, stove,

Disinfection cabinet

Four set the overall composition of the water heater combination kitchen appliances, fitting a new home as early as the project essential and bother. Inevitably bring about strong demand under the strong market, in which the survival dependent on the situation, China's real estate remain strong on the 1st, kitchen appliance market will continue to create new high.


with 80 "house slaves" highlights the status of ethnic residents to enhance the standard renovation, consumer product design to further improve quality and performance requirements, however, the current status of kitchen appliances is a serious product homogeneity,

Price war

Intense, brand operation strategy is not clear, which showed obvious asymmetry of supply and demand characteristics, therefore, in the new year, especially low-carbon economy is coming, how a new strategy to deal with new challenges, as electric kitchen Enterprises have to think carefully about the proposition.

To the thick,


Eventually become a prerequisite

Copenhagen climate conference forum, the Chinese Government's commitment to emissions by 40% -45% by 2020 China's carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP than in 2005 40% -45% decline. China was formally established in January 2010 as director of the State Council Premier Wen Jiabao of the State


Committee, shows that the Government's determination to energy saving is firm. Energy-saving environmental protection is bound to become a prerequisite for enterprise development.

Traditional home appliances over the years has also been developed and modified by national standards to regulate the electrical manufacturing standards, such as multi-channel

Appliances to the countryside

Policy, trade-in system, speed up the past, some large energy-consuming replacement of old products. Kitchen electric products consumed natural gas,


Gas and electricity and other energy saving products is imperative to do, low-carbon, energy-saving environmental protection have formed a revolution!

Present various types of environmental energy-saving stoves have seen, such as 18 years, has been working "within the rotating fire" Superman electrical technology research and development, its

Gas stoves

26% 30% saving products, Guangzhou U.S. production of infrared rotary cooker, smoke-free production of gold enamel stove patent environment, Shun Tin's latest low-power developed strong stoves are a pioneer in this regard.

To the wide appearance of the most direct way of innovation or

Appearance of innovation or innovation to become a kitchen the most direct way to power. Product homogeneity, based on performance to become more cost-effective can not be a determining factor for the appearance of winning depend on the unique vision to the consumer purchase.

Kitchen appliances has been giving "steel" impression, whether it is high-density stainless steel or colored steel, or glass panels, clean and generous, while people are slightly less rigid than. How to change these gentle art of cold things, to modern kitchen, a chic atmosphere, this is also sought after 80 manufacturers need to think of the topic.

Factory in Shunde has some sense of this rule, and efforts to increase research and development efforts. Dragon flag kitchen is a Watch Group sub-industry, its a deep essence of Chinese culture, the gentle Chinese elements, such as blue and white porcelain, Po drilling successfully imported the same time, the industry's exquisite craft table cleverly transplanted to electrical appliances industry In the same time improving product performance perfect product appearance, combined with the completion of Chinese elements to the kitchen Beixian exclusive!

To the deep, intelligent technology for development of

Intelligent cooking appliances has made many consumers have felt their convenience, how to make kitchen appliances also have a "brain" mean? Also use the stove to cook through in the form of reservation, which has become the subject of manufacturers willing to develop.

Edge cooking while listening to music or watching videos, side bath while listening to music or watching videos, multimedia products, kitchen electric these are not new, the application of technology can find a bigger breakthrough or even to attract consumers interested in?

To the top of the same brand operation strategy

Kitchen appliances large profit margins for the industry booming, but manufacturers can not multi-brand operators, most remain in OEM or other grazing areas, some brand-conscious companies, driven by the interests of also appears to have faltered.

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