Sharp price cuts U.S. dissatisfied with the country took the opportunity to pin

This is a two-man it? When the States United States without authorization
SHARP A 65-inch LCD TV Aggressively cut 50,000 yuan, the parties face a falling out, but the industry is deeply in doubt.

Why the same product, Sharp price cuts do not allow the country the United States, and agreed to

Suning In the country based on the lower and lower the U.S. price cut 5,000 to do? Beijing is

Olympics Will be the home, the largest in Beijing Gome
Home Appliances Chain stores, its country the United States, large and medium and Yongle stores occupy the capital and other major market share in appliance sales.

Treatment of GOME and Suning Sharp attitude unreasonable, the industry is difficult to imagine, smart Japanese companies will impulsively to vent dissatisfaction of another company. Therefore, do not rule out joint manufacturing country of beauty and Sharp price cuts this gimmick, that take advantage of Suning, plug foot.

Country beauty care and thought 8 8, the official opening of the Olympic Games, the country hopes the U.S. side can not wait to seize the Olympic market, in

Flat Panel TV Occupy the market opportunities in sales, at some high-priced flat-panel TV for a sale.

Earlier this month, the National United States unilaterally announced a 65-inch Sharp full HD LCD (LCD-65RX1) to limit markdowns, the model price of 129,999 yuan from the beginning to be listed on the country continue to pressure the United States, starting from August 1 , which models the United States in the country, Yongle, Dazhong's selling price was reduced to 79,800 yuan, 50,000 yuan straight down, down as much as 40%.

Said Li Juntao, vice president of Gome, the country the United States for the product on the market price trends survey, most consumers believe that a reasonable sales price of the product range should be 8 million.

Sharp side immediately respond eagerly, Sharp Business (China) Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Liu Wei said that although the United States and high-end models in China

TV Leading positions in sales, but the Sharp for the States United States expressed dissatisfaction with the unilateral price cuts, said it would cease the supply of the type of the GOME, to stock-out forms to express the resistance of pricing models that paragraph.

However, according to reports, the U.S. side to understand the country, in fact, this television in March this year, the United States through the country, Yongle, Dazhong other domestic home appliance retail chain stores in the domestic market circulation, the States United States has been cut prices on its sales, this year's 7 month, the price pressure the country to the United States to 99,999 yuan, 30,000 yuan lower than the price listed. As such, the U.S. side declared that this Sharp 65-inch TV will be suppressed by a 129,999 to 79,800 yuan, representation is not accurate.

States United States urgently to suppress the price of Sharp flat-panel TV to seize the August Olympic Games Quotes. Beijing Gome, according to Yan Xiaobing, general manager, said flat panel TV's blow the whole flat panel TV sales in July rose more than doubled, to enter in August of the first 5 days, TV sales also rose more than 2 times. From the current sales momentum in the next two weeks, Beijing TV sales volume will continue to ring up 1 to 2 times more than a single store sales is expected to exceed sales of the previous 7 months.

May have Na Xiapu Gome "sacrifice" of the mean. By momentum, Gome cut prices off the climax of flat-panel TVs, creating the best during the Olympic Games in August sales, the United States and Sharp both countries will benefit.

The future direction for both sides, the United States to face the country, "China Times" reporter that the cooperation will continue, but it is hard to say. Sharp has said that this does not respect their views.

Suning reap the profits States United States and Sharp, "fell out", the Su Ning also took the opportunity to step on one foot. It is understood that Suning announced price cuts in the country on the basis of the United States and then down 5,000 yuan, and said Sharp has been conducted with the consultation, the manufacturers will not deal with the country's radical approach to deal with the United States Suning.

States United States since capital

flat panel TV price cuts pushed the wave, Suning not take any risks and reap the profits.

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