Japanese Olympic 5 large PK: Yang Wei War rivals China Nvping VS Fukuhara – Olym

Marathon vs Mizuki Noguchi ZhouChunxiu 2007 won the London Marathon champion and World Championship runner-up, the ZhouChunxiu become the Liu Xiang After No. 2 Track and field Red gold points. Snow and Zhang Yingying can not be ignored, and they all ran personal best this year, Zhang Yingying in 2 hours 22 minutes 23 seconds or so far best result this year, snow in 2 hours 23 minutes 27 seconds out the world No. 6, while ZhouChunxiu the absence of a large number of matches because of injury, only took part in 10,000 m run.

Strive for the Olympic Women's Marathon three consecutive Japan, the Olympic champion over second charge array Noguchi Rui Xi, 2007 world championships and third Tosa Reiko Nakamura accident shortlisted Friends pear Hong supplement. Olympic champion Mizuki Noguchi, and in 2003 as a World Championship runner-up, power and status Needless to say, but she and Zhou Chunxiu, this year the race did not appear in the marathon has only participated in half marathon, the two sides intend to use the Olympic Games fresh. Reiko Tosa Although

2 hours 22 minutes and 46 seconds of the best results, it is her 6 years ago in London to create, present strength has been as prosperous period. Friends of fragrant pears in the village is the latest creation of the best record of 2 hours 25 minutes 51 seconds, a far cry from the Chinese team. Japanese women's marathon battle, simple data from the point of view, the Chinese team seems to have the upper hand.

Judo Women's +78 kg Tong Wen vs0V Tian Zhen Xi
China and Japan, as in 7-level school full of players playing, most likely to encounter is in the final text and 0V Tong Tian Zhen Xi. Tong Wen is 2003,2005,2007 world champion, 0V Tian Zhen Xi is the Athens Olympic gold medal and World Championship open class championship last year, and reported that the 78 kg class final lost to Tong Wen. 0V Tian Zhen Xi, and Tong Wen defeated all of the recent 5 grips, but not equal to 6 times still must lose. Trials in Japan, 0V Tian Zhen Xi a win in Green Valley senior salary, showing amazing state, Tong Wen of China to regain lost the gold medal in the big level, 0V field is the most powerful rival.

Man Gymnastics Team China vs Japan Group
As the last Olympic champion, the Japanese man Gymnastics Hope that the defending team in Beijing, but China has recently lost two consecutive World Championship team, has been more than Russia, Japan questioned. Gushiken veteran coach opened Kashima, to ensure that the maximum horizontal bar can lead the Chinese team, vault and floor exercise blurted sincere upgraded, but the Chinese team in the pommel horse and rings on the position of absolute dominance, parallel bars, Li Xiaopeng, after adding more even more powerful . Although this Illustrating occupy the Chinese team leader with the purpose of defending the Japanese teams will not give up any chance to narrow the gap, is likely to fight to the last gold medal in the wire.

Men's gymnastics all-around Yang vs Hiroyuki Tomita
Last two world championships, the Chinese men's team promoted to the top teams, all-around champion Yang Wei won the men straight, even laid the first person to the status of gymnastics. However, the 2005 World Championships all-around champion Hiroyuki Tomita will not be throw in the towel, although he in 2006 and 2007 to play next two world championships than next, and even can be "the most elegant player," the consolation prize, but Tomita in before boarding the plane or rhetoric to win the group and all-around gold medal. In addition, the Japanese teenager routes within the village level could become a strong player Yang Wei.

Woman Table tennis Chinese team vs Ai Fukuhara

Fukuhara has powerful support to the entire Chinese team to be singled out? Of course not difficult to imagine the strength she can break through any of a Chinese player. But you can not avoid the fact is: no one can not be funny, the Japanese girl was a wonderful northeast Mandarin, lively and straightforward personality, spring-like smile, and attracted a matte finish face. Fukuhara certainly after the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the most popular in China, Japan, sports stars, even though her presence will not monopolize the Chinese women's singles championship players bring real threat, but she and any of a Chinese women have a trial of strength, are certainly will attract the attention of many concerns.

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