Spring Festival Gala into "ad portal" companies that promote the brand

Spring Festival Gala into " Advertisement The door. "Recent" users together to choose one: a Spring Festival Gala you can find out how much advertising? "Major forum posts are reproduced, causing many users sought after. The posts to find posts with the main call for the Tiger users in the plant CCTV Spring Festival Gala into the ad. The following is to be selected out of five implant users advertising.

Ad 1: Essays, "50 dollars", the selling buns couples chest Lu wreath aprons.
Ad 2: Liu Qian of the magic in place in the table of Huiyuan . To the audience's attention, Liu Qian also personally drink, but also the "Huiyuan" should say so.

Ad 3: Sketch "donor" which described in detail Sohu, Sogou, send the value of thousands of destitute widows the National Pits 1573.

User Comments: Uncle Zhao, backed Sketch "donor" implanted Sohu, Sogou, National Pits 1573, Sanya, tourism, advertising, in particular "arrangement destitute widows were sent to the donor country pit 1573, which greatly raised Sanya Tourism ", is not very nice!

Piece "50 dollars" to spend Lu, Ping directly sent to "ugly reputation degree" of the scaffold. Some netizens commented: "The Look aprons huge central 'Lu flowers' word, TMD bigger than the face." Very nerve!

Liu Qian of the magic of course, "not bad", can live audience, but a Huiyuan Juice Stunned the audience, the box of Huiyuan Juice at up to 7-minute program shows the process, has not left the camera field of view. The more popular the more money the more money the more corrupt, and perhaps this is Liu Qian program into a symbol of decay.

Food enterprises Advertising implantation Spring Festival Evening this justifiable, however, forcibly implanted this way, regardless of culture and effectiveness can only be self-defeating, all others are accused attracted advertising brand, notorious. So Uncle Zhao's essay "contribution" was awarded an entertainment site launched by CCTV Spring Festival Gala "worst show", among which placement is passing the national pit 1573 also became a "widow Wine . "More" Huiyuan fruit juice drink, drink Wine National pits drink "hot words. This forced advertising, the results perceptibly, and even hard for many years will establish the brand once they are damaged, will be irreversible.

Brand running general rule: the establishment?? Promotion (advertising, events, behavior, etc.)?? Value?? Establish image (reputation, reputation)?? Re-value (intangible assets)?? Industrial expansion (loyalty , and market share)?? added value (profit)?? social value?? to build, update the brand (virtuous circle). In the whole industrial chain, the corporate image is the most important part. Corporate image refers to the people through a variety of business signs (such as product characteristics, marketing strategy, personnel and style) and built on the company's overall impression. Corporate identity is the spirit of enterprise culture, an external manifestation, it is the public relations and business contacts during the perceived overall impression. This impression is passed through the body's senses receive. Corporate image can reflect the spirit of enterprise culture, and whether all sectors of society and public opinion was understood and accepted by a large extent determined by the subjective efforts of the enterprises themselves. Impression in the consumer based on the inherent nature of the formation, orientation and relative stability of public attitudes, most people's positive or negative attitude was the formation of public opinion. Corporate image has advantages and disadvantages of the points, when the company has in the public good corporate image, the consumers are willing to buy the company's products or receive their services; the other hand, consumers will not buy the products of the enterprise will not receive their services. Today's National Pits 1573 and advertised in the Spring Festival Evening Huiyuan forced implantation of the corporate image of their people had to resist and even resent. Produce a result "Huiyuan juice drink, drink drink National pits" result.

Enterprises to foster a good public image, first of all on your own internal strength?? To provide the community with excellent products and services; second, also on the real business communication?? Through various publicity measures introduced to the public introduced to promote themselves known to the public to understand and deepen the impression. Establish a corporate image public relations task, mainly in corporate image of the inner spirit and appearance of the two aspects. In addition there are many to participate in public welfare activities, contribute to society, to win the people's praise, set a good image, to become the most trusted brand with consumers, people's minds, "evergreens" This is the most Well, most advertising once and for all.

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