Build Up Your Mafia Wars Family

by Chris Matton

Mafia Wars is maybe the latest game on Facebook and Twitter, competing firmly with Vampire Wars. The game is hot thanks to the large range of missions, or jobs. If you want to jump into the game but you are not really sure what you want to do, relax and just go step by step.

The bigger your Mafia Wars family becomes the better you are going to do in the game. Start building your family as early as is possible while you are gathering higher energy levels, skill points, and naturally completing mission.

By simply building up your stats with your talent points, gaining revenue thanks to properties and missions, and developing the Mafia Wars family you can play a fantasy game that puts into the very attracting world of the Mafia.

Who doesn’t need to move up through the ranks? Starting out as a street thug, you get to climb up to an associate and eventually make your way up to Godfather. You can take over parts of Cuba if your Mafia is large enough and strong enough.

Do not forget to send your family members special free gifts. This gives you the opportunity to earn some gifts of your own. It also gives you a chance to help out your family to make them stronger and more adept.

When you are all on each other’s Facebook or Twitter pals list you simply send one another your links in order to join one another’s families. You will soon be gathering loot as members of the family take you out on missions and you will be ready to build up your special present collection as you and your friends send special gifts backwards and forwards. The bigger your family becomes, the more these free little advantages help you build up your game.

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