Guangdong, China U.S. high clusters: from "Wolf" to return to "ra

Guangzhou States United States Cluster General Manager,
Nam Yue Home Appliances Person of the Year:
Figure files: High cluster, Jiujiang, Jiangxi, who is currently the general manager of Guangzhou, the U.S. State. South from his home in 2000

Guangdong , In 2002, Guangzhou, China formally entered the United States, as the Planning Manager and is responsible for planning publicity, has won the South China during the appliance

Marketing Award. Although "11" won the Golden Week, nearly 200%
Sell Performance increase, but the general manager of Guangzhou States United States for the high cluster, then brilliant results can only represent the past, he front to consider is the next step in Guangzhou China U.S. strategic planning. October 16 afternoon, general manager of the Guangzhou office of the U.S. State suddenly notice issued an interim meeting, the meeting is mainly the work of the next phase of store layout.

"After half a year of adjustment, Guangzhou, China's strategic layout of the United States has gradually become calm, this is like a person from adolescence into maturity, will be more calm and less impulsive." Although the recently held more than two hours interim meeting, the high cluster do not seem the slightest fatigue, in his view, today's country the United States has been gradually adjusted in place, it happens to come across a golden opportunity to re-issue of power, can not tolerate any laxity.

From the "Wolf" to return to "rational"
High cluster that after nearly 10 months of internal restructuring, Guangzhou, China is ushering in a new round of US-development opportunities. "In the recent past '11' Golden Week, Guangzhou, China U.S. won nearly 200% sales growth, which is rare in the home appliance chain industry." He also revealed that the appliances "

TM to "Policy driven, and now by" TM "home appliances sold in Guangzhou China has occupied 30% of U.S. sales.

In order to further boost home appliance "TM" in the States United States the full flowering and high clusters that from late October, in addition to 10% of the country, "TM" subsidies, the U.S. side will be in Guangzhou China open up channels for subsidies, on the one hand lift "TM" restricting the types of appliances, that in addition to

TV , Refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and computers, other home appliances products in Guangzhou, the country can also enjoy 10% of the United States, "TM" Enterprise subsidies; the other hand, increase the intensity of the original appliances variety of subsidies, Another 10% of the country giving the U.S. "TM" subsidy payments.

"It is undeniable that the United States Guangzhou, China was founded in 2002, we are born with the enterprise itself the 'Wolf' culture, but today's Guangzhou, the country has gradually return to the United States 'rational', but also know how to help consumers sake. "clusters that high, from" Wolf "to return to" reason "is the state of Guangzhou over the past year the biggest change in culture within the United States.

Morals and human affairs Obviously, for any one organization, want to make culture change is not easy, Guangzhou, China the United States also is no exception. Last year, a large U.S.

Boss Huang Guangyu after the accident, Guangzhou, China was once the United States day and night for all employees to work overtime, "I was told our staff, it is the most difficult times the country the United States, I hope everyone boil a boil, through the difficulties." Recalled previous " hard time ", high-cluster can not help feeling, after that through thick and thin, the staff has been enhanced cohesion.

In fact, from the United States in 2002 in Guangzhou China since the high-clusters in the country's performance on the internal management of the United States for all to see, from the beginning of the planning department manager of the South China now commanding the U.S. store nearly a hundred countries, the high internal and external cluster has gradually formed its own unique set of work styles, "summed up is: with morals and things on the people." admits the high cluster, as head of the United States Guangzhou, China, thousands of people to lead a team home appliance chain stores to fight, first of all must do to communicate with employees, the sake of discussion, so to be able to better maintain the cohesion of the entire team.

However, the high cluster near the eyes, hard working, high clustering in return is a key factor in today's results. Clusters in high office, high hanging "Him" in the plaque. Guangzhou States United States One staff member said that the high cluster is simply "working crazy", even Saturdays and Sundays the rest untouched.

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