60 years old "sea" selling big brands built jelly snacks City – North

Abandoning the "iron rice bowl" to the sea, as the neighbors envy of the "million households"; laid off jobs, not only did not let himself sink, but his career achievements and family well-being … … because of the introduction of changes in national policy the story of the fate of an individual or family is too much. 89-year-old Xie Guifang this is one of them. Reform and opening up, she bamboo from bull mouth Subdistrict retirement community, the unit off to the 1,100 yuan. Then his wife died young she was, the three sons of two unemployed, one was still a student. The urgency of life for nearly 60 years, opened her mouth in a bull market has a jelly shop, Chengdu has become one of the first self-employed. 4 months later, the family had exhausted Chengdu became the first "million households" one of the … …

To earn a living 60 years old "sea" selling Jelly
"No fireworks, no place flowers, did not have any ceremony, we placed more than 30 square meters of shop 6 tables. Mahone, 6 Colombia, mother of Qi battle, also requested the two attendants, even if opened. "

, Now 89-year-old Xie Guifang now restless, gray-haired child in her unitary Yang Xiaolin Dobashi's noodle shop in Chengdu, help, deft hands and feet, thinking clearly. Noodle shop size is not large, but surprised the banner of " × × × noodle shop stores" signs. Xie Guifang laughs make up one's seat, every move the warm and thoughtful businessman.

Ago, smart, talented Xie Guifang inherited from the father of North Sichuan jelly ancestral craft. Later, Xie Guifang and her husband have 10 children, students, together with maintenance-old mother, The couple income constraints. In 1961, Xie Guifang to Subdistrict piece bamboo community work, her husband went to work in Shahe cement.

1973, the husband's death, the burden of life upon all the pressure in the Xiegui Fang. In 1979, Xie Guifang retirement, the unit once gave 1,100 yuan. At that time, Xie Guifang four sons and six sons Shu-Yuan Yang Shuan at home idle, unitary children Yang Xiaolin still a student. Xie Guifang's frowned tight: this time how boil ah? "Either you or sell jelly citizenship." Xie Guifang ideas to help old sister.

Reform and opening up, the state is allowed self-employed, not as good as his previous profession, Xie Guifang decided to make the first move of the people. Year on June 1, "Bull mouth jelly shop," the official opening, operating and other jelly and steamed buns. "No fireworks, do not put flowers, the ceremony did not have any, we put more than 30 square meters of shop 6 tables. Mahone, 6 Colombia, mother of Qi battle, also requested the two attendants, even if opened. "

Controversy low-key installation of color TV Radio
Yang Xiaolin memories, store in a victory at cinemas across the Chengdu Seamless Steel Tube Plant, Chengdu Engineering Machinery Factory and many large enterprises are in the vicinity, which is the whole street and the whole east of the city's first individual restaurants, almost no competition. Together with the neighbors were aware of the mother craft, opening previous day, the customer will row 200 meters. "A lot of customers on the squat roadside to eat a row of roadside pile of dishes eaten." A people can not think of that dime a bowl of jelly, five cents a bowl in the corner of powder and 4 Kok Fei Chang cage dumplings, even earning 200 yuan a day.

After about 4 months, the family will have a million more savings. With money, the family began to purchase home appliances. 14-inch color TV has spent more than 1400 yuan, God flute spent 668 yuan radio license, which in the ordinary home, even to have unexpected things. At the time, Which with radio, the radio on at least half a meter long bike, in the lanes go from door to door loudly Xianbai. Many people are curious to see go home and watch television.

But family members have tried to keep a low profile. Reform and opening up, there are still many people think that state-owned units to work only look good, but self-employed business loss of face. At that time, Yang Xiaolin of the students used a strange perspective on him, laughed at his "sell Jelly's."

Money, home, began to purchase home appliances.

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