Personalized Fashion Aesthetic Appearance Of The Recent Market Full Mp3 Recommen

Stunning body design to people at first sight, but if approached too mediocre for a bit will look disappointing. In the “dumplings” jacket under phase contrast, the wave of digital products in the fashion show more personal taste. The body design is good for stunning at first sight, but if approached too mediocre for a bit will look disappointing. In the “dumplings” jacket under phase contrast, in the cusp of fashion Digital Products show more personal taste. In the fairy-tale season, with a personalized MP3 Never let you in this season to become the focus of the crowd. However, some cottage manufacturers to meet the needs of boys, but also introduced a variant of King Kong the appearance of MP3. But pretty nice return to the quality of the sound, or run, or the poor little cottage far. Need to remind everyone that the appearance of personality is also a cottage competing MP3 copy of the object, it must be prior to purchase to the major IT Website done its homework to distinguish the difference between genuine and counterfeit.

Contrast, doll-style MP3 MM were more suitable to use, especially small Mickey head, Fu Niu and Mashimaro, Mi Fei successive rabbit listed, it is home to a large doll line of the first MP3 personality. But lovely lovely return, the basic model of this type suitable for use MM or children. For boys, the MP3 or the playability to excellent, or should the appearance on the maverick, such as U disk And so forth. Eiji on for everyone today, collecting several models look more personalized MP3, interested friends may wish to look at it!

Miffy Reference Price: 330 yuan (single)

Eiji Comment: The Legend of to describe this little bunny is not exaggerated, it has a single With five different colors of coat becomes very special. With simple lines and color combinations, will be simple, easy style of the perfect combination, miffy rabbit is now available on the domestic market. Continuation of the appearance of body doll line, carrying a unique speaker and four-color jacket design, once listed on the lovely market leaders became. Lovely look for the MM and it certainly is, “slay” trick. First, whether good or bad sound quality, appearance alone miffy type design, this MP3 let thousands of divergent wire wistfully. Usually go out to play when you can just bring a small rabbit, hanging around her neck is very cheap. If you were tired of words, especially to join the super-cute Speaker Base, even placed on the grass also makes it not only as a decoration.

Mifei rabbit (miffy) Mifei rabbit (miffy) between the most classic is that it’s a small “X” mouth, adding almost negligible small eyes, it’s pretty hard to resist. Design style and do not fly the Mashimaro are very different, miffy joined more simple, well-behaved elements, simple style into one European. Zhuo Zhuo’s ears, personality mouth, so that Bruner described by miffy cartoon image of a healthy voice.

Mifei rabbit (miffy) Like with most MP3

doll, miffy Ka Wayi still full, and the style of the original basic or very similar MM and children can move the heart. In order to make it more attractive to increase, fine miffy MP3 is also equipped with a super cute speaker dock, of course, the base is the picture of that red brick house among green tiles. Host size is 32x32x66mm, with 24g weight, it can be generally the same as doll-style MP3 hung around the neck to use. Small round head above the left Headset Jack and the lanyard hole, can be regarded as a small jewelry. You Bi Department has a power switch, the left arm was an M mode key. In the back of a red ball with the five-dimensional action keys, can be song selection and volume adjustment.

Mifei rabbit (miffy) Cute clothes Miffy rabbit especially equipped with a Sigmatel Mifei professional chips provide a guarantee on the quality, SNR up to 95dB. Function, support MP3, WMA format audio files, 2GB of easy to make it easy to accommodate nearly a thousand songs. Machine preset Normal, Classic, Jazz, Pop, Rock and other five EQ sound. Life time is about 14 hours to meet basic daily needs. miffyMP3 addition to the lovely appearance, the clothes can be replaced at any time, in addition to the fuselage comes with the red dress, but also has a green, yellow, brown and other colors, depending on mood at any time to adjust. It is worth mentioning that the machine has joined a special red house green base speakers, base both USB file transfer, charging and speaker triple effect, to create the perfect miffy home.

Mifei rabbit (miffy) Speaker [Model] miffy rabbit Mi Fei

[Reference Price] 330 yuan

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