Substantial Decline In The Three Major Causes Of Complaints Heating Temperature

HC HVAC & R Network  December 1 November 1 from the city this winter emergency start Heating Since the city has entered a steady state heating.

City professional meteorological information provided by: November 15 -30 days, the city’s average temperature was 1 , compared to last year 3.3 . The City statistics show that the heating service hotline 62357575: November 15 to 30, were answering heating quality complaints Tel 5754, less than the same period last year 2036, 26% lower.

11 15, all counties, the heating units were sampling tests at room temperature users, compliance rate was 98%, November 30, heating quality complaints from more than 1,000 daily high has been reduced to an average of 100 about. Since the start emergency heating

since, the city administration at all levels of heating, the heating units go all out, rapid response, the heating arrangements in place security measures, timely and effective. The first is the impact of cold weather and issued timely warning notice requiring the heating unit heating system under the regulation of climate change well, as soon as possible and establish a stable heating condition; Second, Shanxi and other places for snow disaster caused by the impact of coal transport ways to convey the central and city leaders of instructions, pay close attention to the dynamic transport of coal, the city’s coal-fired heating is not affected; The third is the national gas shortage situation, and further strengthened the heat, electricity, gas for the coordination of joint FBI and natural gas supply in response to tensions that might arise were meticulous; Fourth, protecting the residents under the premise of quality heating, while heating systems make Energy Energy, the implementation of “minimal assurance of high control”, strict control of public buildings-temperature heat, heat the county administration, urban management and law enforcement agencies are more than 1,200 units of public buildings in hot spot checks carried out on the part of the over-temperature heating public buildings have been ordered to cool down run.

Present, individual users in the region reflects the main problem is not reached at room temperature. Main reasons: First, a temporary facility for heating failure, repair the impact of indoor temperature during the period; second, the end user in a heating system is not stable enough at room temperature; Third, a variety of causes Heating Fee arrears conflicts intensify, and delayed for years failed to resolve, particularly in the property “withholding agent” heating costs, dissatisfied customers refused to pay on the demolition of the most prominent contradictions and heating charges, despite coordinated temporary heating, but there are for the possibility of thermal instability. Next, heat protection

focus: First, the quality of complaint investigation and heating intensity, heating units urged to strengthen households and temperature measurement, inspection facilities, etc., timely handling of complaints result of user feedback; second, to grasp Dynamic storage and transportation of coal and natural gas supply situation, to ensure follow-up supply; third, to conduct inspection of quality and energy saving heating, heating quality standards to ensure residents, over-temperature operation against heating facilities; 4 is to win support and cooperation of relevant departments, continue to coordinate handle all types of heating fees arrears disputes, start the emergency relief measures and carry out emergency preparedness.

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