Why people like to buy lotteries?

Nowadays, there are so many people who buy lotteries as one part of their lives. Those people include managers, teachers, lawyers, and even students. The lotteries are involved in many areas of our society, and it is changing and influencing our daily lives.

Why so many people like to buy lotteries? It’s meaningful to pursue this question. On one hand, knowing more about lotteries is good for us to direct our behaviors. In my opinions, there are three main reasons that make people interested in lotteries. First, people may get large benefit while only spend a little money. Those who want to be rich in a short time are absorbed in buying lotteries. Second, as we all know, the speed of our modern society become more and more fast. Everyone is working for surviving day by day. So they become tired and want to do something special to make themselves excited and entertained. Lottery is just one of tools for them to relax, just like a pleasant game. They can get much pleasure when they buy lotteries. Last but not the least, due to the development of our country, someone invite something such as a word, sport, game, which is known to others and become famous or popular. People especially teenagers are easy to be influenced. So, they may follow others to do something that many others do. Thanks to the newspapers, TV, videos, the lottery spread to every corner of the world. As time goes, it becomes a tendency to buy lotteries. People regard it as something they cannot lose.

Above all, people buy lotteries now and then, and everyone has their own purpose to do it . What we should know is that we can’t pay to much attention to it and our lives shouldn’t be disturbed or even destroyed buy it.

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