The Best Supplement

The Best supplement.
This article will be about the best supplement and what you should consider when taking one.
So what are supplements?
? Herbs
? Minerals
? Multivitamins
These are considered supplements to your diet. When it comes to trying to pick a certain product it can be rather difficult to try and find something that works and has proof that it works. There is no regulation on these substances by the FDA and so it’s up to you to do the research and the homework to decide what you are going to put into your body.
Some say that they have “The best supplement”.
This may be and I am open to learning about what they have. The problem in today’s Supplement market is that it is flooded with Antioxidants. These Antioxidants don’t work and I will explain why.
In the scientific community there has been the idea of the antioxidant Myth! Why would they say Antioxidant Myth? Let me tell you why. The reason is simple. Antioxidants can only eliminate the exhaust we produce everyday called “free radicals” or “oxidants” at a 1:1 ratio. The reason the Myth is involved is that we are producing on a daily average 300000000000000000000000 (300 Sextillion) free radicals per day.
Taking something that someone considers the Best Supplement to take is debatable and needs to be researched. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t eat well and consume high antioxidant foods but we need a better solution.
Antioxidants from foods are considered “direct antioxidants” and they only have the capacity to consume “oxidants, free radicals” at a 1:1 ratio. So they are good but they are not what we were told they were and what they could do.
The best Supplement in my opinion is one that works and has proof. The National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of health is a legitimate place to start researching the best supplement for you. Their website is easy to remember at
The best supplement
So go to the National Library of Medicine and search for a product that you are taking right now. If you think it is the best supplement, well does any of the tier 1 level research done have your product listed. Chances are that an ingredient or two of the supplement may have been researched but is the proprietary blend of what you are taking written about at the National Library of Medicine?
It’s said that if any product you research that has 2 published papers, is a good product. 95% of all peer reviewed papers are not even published there because of inconsistent results. If you have 6 papers published then your product is considered a homerun in the scientific community.
What is for sure is that our foods are not the same as our grandparents. We are not getting the same nutrients that they got from what they used to eat. So you probably need some sort of Omega 3 fatty acid product, they say beyond fish oil or flax oil is Hemp oil. Some sort of multivitamin and mineral. And something that turns on your “Survival Genes”.
In my opinion The Best Supplement is one that can turn on as many “Survival Genes” as possible. You have about 6000 genes that are considered “survival genes” in you DNA genetic code. Protandim is a blend of 5 herbs that when combined in a perfect specific synergy are able to active over 3000 of these “survival genes”
When you are in your growing phase you are able to combat the damaging exhaust known as Oxidative Stress.
You don’t
? Get sick
? Don’t age
? Don’t worry
? Aren’t depressed!
Protandim is one of The Best Supplements to add to your list of things to take.
It has more peer reviewed published research that other medications and the thing that is exciting is this!
Protandim was clinically proven to work on 100% of the mammals that take it, 100% of the time! That is Amazing and incredible. Consider that at the best that a drug like Lipitor can do is be 30% effective. That’s its best!
Protandim has 11 published papers on the National Institute of Health. And Works! That’s why so many Universities and legitimate organizations have and are in the process of studying Protandim and its partner product True Science for the skin.
Have you been looking to improve your health for longevity. Do you want to live healthy into your latter years?
Then you need to look into Protandim.

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