Diane Hochman at the Pro Marketing Summit

This is a short review of Diane Hochman and what she gave us at her presentation. She has been in the home based business for over 13 years and she has been rocking it.

Mindset! She talks about being an entrepreneurial mindset. If you don’t have one yet you need to get one. Your mindset is key.

Where do you see yourself in the next 2, 5, and 10 years. You are the master of your own destiny and you are the only one that can take action into your financial future.

Diane Hochman started her business online in 1999. She is an inspiration for me and when you see her or watch her webinars I think you will realize the same thing.

She too was ignorant on how to make money with a home based business. But had a dream to change her financial future. She had no skills, no money just a burning desire to change her situation of financial desparity.

What she learned early on was learning how to be a promoter. “Whoever owns the eyeballs makes all the money.”

In 2000 I met a man named Alan Lorenz who was making more than 300,000 dollars a month who changed her life. He taught her how to promote instead of running around like everyone else.
Diane Hochman wants you to become a promoter instead of vomiting information on your prospect. You need to learn how to become a promoter and point them into the right direction. Be happy being the middle man!

You do not need to become an expert at your product. You do not need to memorize the company plan. You only need to be able to show them a solution to their problem.

So to find out their problem you need to LISTEN! Not just hear what they are saying but listen to their inflection. You can use the FORM method when asking them question.

F is for family, O is for Occupation, R is for recreation, and M is for Money.

Ask them questions about their family and listen. Wait, don’t interject, don’t finish their sentence and don’t try to tell them about you yet.

Ask them about their Occupation. What kind of work do they do? How are they doing with it? Do they enjoy it? Do they make enough to do what they want, when they want and with whoever they want?

Ask them is they were able to take a vacation or what they do for fun, and LISTEN!

Ask them how they are doing financially. Have they taken a hit, lost a job, working 2 jobs, have kids to put through school?

Listen! You need to find out their wants and needs. It’s not about you it’s about them!
Diane Hochman gave us some gems at the Pro Marketing Seminar.

She said the analogy that is so appropriate is like being Julie from the Love boat. She was the greeter for the boat and was only pointed the direction where people wanted to go. She listened to where the guests wanted to go and showed them where to go.

That was the main point of your job. Listen to what they are saying and wait. Listen and wait some more.

DO NOT tell them about yourself UNTIL THEY ASK!

Once they ask you what you do then you can tell them. If you just start verbally vomiting on them and telling them about your product or opportunity.

If you have not seen Diane Hochman then you need to. She has the experience to give you the knowledge you need to be successful in your own business.

She has helped me promote my business with all of the tips I’ve learned from her. Find out how you can Market online using some of her advice

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