Getting a bum lift without surgery

We have all heard or read about the extreme makeovers that some people choose to undergo on their own or in front of the camera. There are some television series which focus on this and if we’ve seen any of them, then we know that the most used techniques involve surgery, liposuction and insertion of either fat or silicone into certain areas like the buttocks. However impressive the results are, these series fail to show the crude reality that follows: the fact that such techniques, unlike the PMMA Brazilian lift, do not have long lasting effects.

While the size and shape of breasts used to be quite the topic when plastic surgery and implants became more affordable, nowadays the size and shape of our behinds has become somewhat more important. Having a perfect body can be quite the challenge, especially since for some of us it’s not something that can be achieved through physical exercise. In fact, most skinny girls have problems with maintaining a nice round and prominent butt. No matter how much we train the fact is that if our genes don’t help us, we simply won’t be able to achieve that perfect form that we’re looking for. This is where plastic surgery comes into play. However, not all of us are that easy going when it comes to performing surgery on our bodies. The good news is that even though having a surgical bum lift is still the more popular practice today, we can find alternatives to it that still get amazing results. Buttock bioplasty is what we need to look into if we want a minimally invasive Brazilian lift.

While most of the extreme makeovers that we could, not until long ago, watch on the television involved lots of surgery, bum lift bioplasty involves no surgical interventions. This is due to the fact that bioplasty does not rely on the insertion of silicone implants or the transplant of fat from one area of the body to the buttocks. Truth be told, such operations are quite invasive, requiring the doctors either to cut and insert somewhat large pieces of silicone into our buttocks, in the case of implants, or to perform liposuction in order to get the required fat. Furthermore, silicone implants have a chance of not being accepted by the body and can cause infections and other unwanted side effects. A Brazilian lift requires the doctors to extract fat that needs to be processed before injecting it in the buttocks.
The advantage that using bioplasty to get a bum lift has is that it just involves the injection of a PMMA based substance in the buttocks. Unlike natural fat which gets completely reabsorbed in about a year, PMMA microspheres can take up to seven years to be assimilated by the body and have their effects disappear. Furthermore, while a classical Brazilian lift would require an intervention for the collection of fat, this step is completely bypassed in bioplasty, which means that even skinny persons can have it done without requiring fat to be taken through liposuction.
Would you like to find out how you can get a bum lift without surgery? Get all you need to know about a PMMA brazilian lift.

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