How Can Poverty and Failure Form Easily

Sometimes, character is related to your ability to work, working conditions and the ability to earn money, and a large number studies have shown that, at least twelve kinds of personality easily lead to poverty and failure. Do you have these characters?


First, it is contentment. As long as there is food and clothes, and we can eat full and wear warmly, we should feel satisfied, and have no pursuit of wealth. Second, it is complacency. His own is always the best, such people do not want to contact to the outside world; there can be no higher pursuit. Third, it is conservative. This kind of people’s life depends on the experience of the past, and they dare not walk the road which has not been stepped; and they dare not do the things which have not been done.


Fourth, it is cowardice. In particular, this coward is always afraid of this and that, but what kind of success do not take risks? Fifth, it is lazy. One is physical inactivity, and another is spiritual laziness. Sixth, it is withdrawn. To earn money is to make other’s money become their own money, but withdrawn people are not good at dealing with people, in order to make money is not easy. Seventh, it is narrow. It refers to narrow mind, narrow vision and narrow knowledge; people with such character are also difficult to get along with others in the world, so they have to be poor.


Eighth, it is negative. Negative people do not want to think anything, and do nothing, even if you have so strong ability, you will achieve noting in a life. Ninth, it is selfish. Do not want sacrifice, and want to gain petty advantages, such people eventually will not get success and wealth, but he could only have their own. Tenth, it is pride. As long as they have little success, they will forget everything. Such people will make success, but they will lose what they received soon.


Eleventh, it is self-righteous. Self-righteous people generally cannot deal with the relations with the people around them, if they cannot get along well with other people; they cannot from a long-term cooperation with others, so it is difficult to accomplish great things. Twelfth, it is madness. Whether where they are, such people are unpopular; although such people have a lot of talent and a strong ability, but they will provoke others’ attacks.


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