What Kinds of Plants Should Be Put in the Office

What kinds of plants should be put in the office? In general, many office workers spend most of the time daily staying in the office. If your desk is put a pot of plant, you can look at it to relax eyes, which is also a good choice. However, what plants are suitable for office?


First, it is cactus. When it comes to office flowers, of course, cactus is the first choice. Cactus is a kind of plant with stems, leaves, flowers having a higher aesthetic value, and it is the fine art of hydroponics plant. The most critical reason why I recommend cactus is because it can absorb electromagnetic radiation, and it is also a natural air freshener, and it can absorb dust and purify the air.


Second, it is spider plants. According to the study, spider plants can absorb toxic gases; in general, as long as every room has one pot of spider plants, formaldehyde in the air can be absorbed and exhausted by smoking and building materials emitting, and plays a role in purifying the air, which can also play the role on the protection of the human body. Third, it is aloe. Aloe has a certain role of absorbing odors, and there is the effect to beautify the room.


Fourth, it is tiger skin orchid. If you place the tiger skin orchid at home, in addition to playing the ornamental role, it can also absorb formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and reduce its harm to their families. Especially new renovated housing, or newly purchased furniture, the effect is more obvious.


Fifth, it is asparagus. Asparagus not only can improve the cultural enrichment, and has a regulatory role in people with sick liver, or depressed people; and at night, in addition to absorbing sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine and other harmful gases, it also can secrete gas to kill bacteria, reduce colds, typhoid fever, and laryngitis and the occurrence of other infectious diseases, which has a lot of benefits to human health.


Sixth, it is green dill. Environmental scientists found a pot of green dill in 8 to 10 square meters room is the equivalent of an air purifier, which can effectively absorb air formaldehyde, benzene and trichlorethylene and other harmful gases. The green radish is not only hardy and placed in the room, its ability to clean up the air is as much as ivy and spider plants. Due to the new floor is very prone to harmful substances. Btu the green radish can purify benzene, trichlorethylene and formaldehyde in the air; therefore it is very suitable to be placed in the newly renovated living room.


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