Common Uses of Marble Perth and Granite Perth

Marble Perth and granite Perth are used to construct many different items used in households, businesses, and commercial operations. The marble Perth and the Granite Perth are considered attractive alternatives for items like ceramic tiles, Formica countertops, and porcelain covers.

Marble Perth and granite Perth are frequently used to build kitchen countertops in residential structures and in commercial structures. They are easy to clean and they are mostly non-porous so they are easily left germ free and sanitary. They last a long time without fading or looking damaged. They rarely need to be replaced during the lifetime of a home.

Marble Perth and Granite Perth are both used to create bathroom tub surrounds. Bathroom vanity tops, and bathroom floors is residential and commercial structures. The materials are beautiful and they have a look of elegance to them that allows the room they are placed in to look nicer. They are sturdy and can tolerate the humid conditions that are often found in bathroom facilities. They can withstand the occasional curling iron and heated device that gets laid on them without bursting into flames. They are fire resistant and water resistant as well.

These items cost a lot more that the ceramic versions or the vinyl coverings that are frequently used in bathrooms. Fiberglass is often used to create a low cost surround of tubs and showers but fiberglass tub surrounds will eventually dry rot due to age, they stain from the mineral deposits in the water, they can be burned, and they can crack and look unsightly within a few short years. Initially they save you money on the purchase and installation but in the long run they will cost as much as the higher priced items did.

Floors designed from these materials do need to be kept polished or waxed in order for them to retain the beautiful high shine that looks so attractive. They can stand heavy traffic crossing them daily and they rarely chip from normal walking on them. Wooden floors also can withstand a large amount of traffic if they are kept polished, but wood floors can warp if they are gotten wet or there is too much heat or humidity in the room. They can burn if the structure was to catch on fire, and they can be infested with termites or black carpenter ants. The hard stone floors do not attract termites, they do not warp or buckle under any conditions, and they can stand repeated waxing’s for many years without losing their coloration.

Replacing items like wooden floors, vinyl floors, ceramic floors, and countertops or tub surrounds can be quite expensive when you factor in the material cost, plus the labor cost, plus the disruption of the structure while the item is being replaced. Using a material that will not need replacing can save you a lot of time and frustration, plus in the long term using one of these items can save you money.

Concrete is frequently used to make ornamental benches and seats that are kept both outside and inside some structures. The concrete benches can be replaced with seating made of granite and the bench will actually last longer and look better.

Granite Perth and marble Perth are commonly used in the creation of decorative countertops, floors, walls, tub surrounds, and benches in both residential and commercial structures.

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