Some Questions and Methods Solving of Dryer Machine

When the materials in cement powder system contain much water and own big cohesiveness, and it is difficult to deal with it by way of drying and powder processing, and we can prebake the materials or part of materials in kiln machine, then send them into the system of drying and powder. The process is good for the process of wet and viscous materials, at the same time, it can reduce the power consumption of drying high water-contained materials. but the process is complicated, and the prebaked materials need to middle storage.

At present, there are about 40 mining machinery companies that manufacture vertical kiln machine in our country. When the customers choose the kiln machine, they often only pay attention to the superiority but ignore the limitation, since every equipment has its own application range, many problems occur in the using process, and some equipment even are made idle plant after only a few months.

1. Firstly is the common problem, which is when selecting the machine, the specification of the kiln machine is too small. In a cement plant in Sichuan Province, a mining machinery manufacturing company selected a φ2.6*20M kiln machine. When the customers bought the machine, the manufacturing company promised that its production capacity can reach 25 tons per hour, however, in the actual production, the production capacity is only 15 tons per hour. The reason lies in that the manufacturing company reduced the specification on purpose in order to do this business at a low price, and in the end, the suffering part can only be the customers. To a service-oriented brand integrity,As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, like crusher equipment, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.calcining kiln:

2. The materials cannot be dried and the output is low. When drying the ore slag with low water content, the output is good. However, if the machine is used for drying some materials such as clay and coal ash, its shortcomings will be obvious. The original water content in the materials is high, and the materials are not dried for long enough; and the drying system equipment is not reasonable so that the water and gas cannot be discharged in time; and the manufacturing company do not understand the original factor of the kiln.

Another kind is a small and rapid drum kiln. There is a Hollow shaft in the feed port, and a bearing on the other side. It adopts centre drive. The rotate speed is similar to that of mill. Materials and air adopt concurrent way. The machine has high production and occupies fewer lands.

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