What Your DWI Westchester Criminal Attorney Can Do to Aid You

New York is one of the most popular states in the world, and the Big Apple one of the most popular cities. The state gets a good number of immigrants annually, not least because of all the business opportunities here. There is, however, one thing the state is infamous for: the number of drunk drivers.

It is said that the state sees over thirty thousand such cases annually. This is bad news not only for those that have been arrested but most importantly for those that have been hurt. Studies also reveal that more than 300 are killed by drunken drivers annually.

Most of these arrests happen really early in the morning, for people driving back home after parties. A lot of people belong to this category of drivers due to the popularity of the state’s nightclubs and bars. This makes New York streets very dangerous.

The issue is that no number of laws in the world seems capable of actually compelling people to avoid drinking when they plan to drive. Majority actually consider it something usual in their cities. Such a way of thinking conveniently excludes from consideration the fact that there are many who are injured or killed each year just by the recklessness of others or even themselves.

The one thing that makes it different from murder then is the lack of premeditation. Those who drive drunk do not set out to slay someone in particular when they step on the gas pedal, after all. A DWI attorney Westchester, though, may do a lot to argue that a person arrested for DWI has been falsely charged, especially in cases where no deaths are involved.

Westchester County is not an unrecognizable name among the counties of the state. This is among the richest counties in the state. Yet, people get drunk here and some get killed by those who drink and drive.

If you get a driving under the influence conviction here, you could be looking at anything from jail time to high fines. You should definitely do your hardest to avoid such punishments if possible. Your lawyer is going to help you do just that.

A defense lawyer may do two or three things. A popular route to go for the defense is to say that the individual was impaired in his driving abilities not by alcohol but by necessary medication or some sickness. If this argument holds, the case becomes less damning as it becomes a simple traffic violation, not a crime.

It is also possible to (in a sense) villainize the BAC machine. This can aid you somewhat in discrediting the claims about your drunkenness. When you have a good lawyer and a fine set of circumstances, this could get you off the hook.

It is possible for the DWI attorney Westchester to allege too that the defendant was just an impaired driver. This means that the charges will be converted into ones of impairment instead of alcohol-related crime. Hence, the case at hand is simply a DWAI or driving with ability impaired, which is not a criminal case.

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