Online Dating in the USA

Living in the USA can have its disadvantages; you’re often the subject of an international running joke regarding intelligence – specifically knowledge of the rest of the world – and as well as thinking you’re a bit dumb most Europeans also believe all 500 million citizens to be war-mongering hicks from Middle America. Add that to the expensive price of healthcare and the fact that everything is so thoroughly spread out and it may seem like they have a pretty tough deal in that most enormous and famous of nations. However, there are good sides to it too.

Despite what cynical objections you may hear from amateur political pundits, America is the land of the free and prides itself on allowing every citizen the right to speak their mind. Since the introduction of the Internet things have been a whole lot freer and now each person on US soil is not only able to say what they want but they have a forum where they can potentially reach millions. Compared to China, where the Internet is censored by the government, the American people have an amazing opportunity to express themselves and reach others who are like-minded.

However, although they have this amazing chance to make a real change in the world, most use it to find a partner whilst dating online. That’s correct; the biggest reason for using the Internet is to hook up. Whether it’s for marriage or just one night of magic you can be sure that single people across the nation – and I dare say a few non-single ones too – are exercising their inalienable right to get sexy on broadband. Instant chat, pictures, videos, file-sharing and more can be incorporated into the genre making it a flexible and all-encompassing pastime for web-savvy Americans.

For those who might want to subvert expectations and check out the rest of the wide world it is a perfect opportunity to start friendships with ladies and gentlemen in far-flung countries. You can find out all you need to know about going to beautiful parts of Europe, Africa, Asia or South America directly from the people who live there rather than from some hokey travel site. Plus it is a good way to start practising your Spanish/French/German in preparation for a trip and you could find yourself touching down at the airport with the beginnings of a new love already. So come on USA; start online dating today!

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