What is Responsive Website Design?

Although the concept of responsive website design has become quite common amongst webmasters, a great number of people still do not know much about it. Whether you are an expert in website design or you are planning to venture into this fast-growing industry, you are likely to find this concept of web design rather confusing. This concept normally requires drastic change in perception and thinking. Over time, responsive web design has drifted away from being a simple field of passing trends and quickly joining the sphere of standard performance. Many website design experts claim that this is concept represents the future of web design.

In the last one year, this concept has triggered serious debate amongst web design experts. So whether you are a website owner or a web developer, there are some essential aspects of this concept that you need to familiarize yourself with. Understanding these aspects will help you to utilize the concept to the best of your ability. Firstly, you need to understand what responsive website design is all about. Many people including web design experts find it hard to explain what this concept entails. The concept becomes confusing when you take into account the fact that responsive web design is not one bit of technology. In reality, the concept is made up of a range of techniques and thoughts. A lot of information sources tend to explain what this technology is by discussing some of the most important ideas that form it. But what exactly is responsive web design?

The easiest way to explain what this technology is will be to look at some of the common problems that it can solve. Actually one of the most common questions that most people ask about this technology is: What problems does responsive website design solve? It is now obvious that computers are not the only devices that have web browsers. Even though this is quite controversial, the truth is that most cell phones such as the iPhone now come with web browsers. This has really upgraded the experience of mobile web. Apart from mobile phones, there are many other mobile devices that come with the web browser. The problem with most of these mobile devices is that they come with small screens. It is very hard for web designers to develop websites that can be comfortably displayed on such small screens. In short, since the range of display sizes is expanding everyday it has become important for web designers to come with websites that specifically targets all display sizes. This is what responsive website design seeks to address.

This concept has helped web designers to solve a wide range of problems that once used to be chaotic. The most important idea behind this technology is the fluid grid. For many years, it has not been easy for web developers to create a layout that widens with the each page. Most experts relied on fixed width layout to design their websites. However, with responsive design better and expandable width layouts have been discovered.

With the growing popularity of smartphones, there is an increasing demand for mobile websites. A responsive web design for any website is quite essential to make it mobile device-friendly. A good Connecticut web design company should be able to help you in designing and developing such a website. Visit this link to know more.

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