3D/4DUltrasound at Atchafalaya Tubal Ligation Reversal Center

At the present time ultrasound is one of the most informative and yet safe methods of diagnosis. There are many types of ultrasounds are available including two dimensional, three dimensional, and four dimensional images ultrasound. Today ultraview imaging has received wide popularity due to its safety. Ultrasound during pregnancy helps timely detect and prevent various pathological conditions of the mother and the fetus.

Ultrasound in pregnancy

Ultrasound during pregnancy in 2D format (i.e. black and white), it is not clear for the layman and does not give a complete picture of what is happening in my mother’s tummy. There are other modes of 3d, 4d, which give us a picture of the surround color image of the fetus.

Ultrasound examinations are conducted from the earliest stages of pregnancy. They are needed to assess the status and development of the fetus, health monitoring of the mother, and diagnosis of pregnancy. Ultrasound during pregnancy allows the doctor to perform a complete anatomical and functional assessment of the fetus, to clarify the pregnancy, number of fetuses and their presentation, to determine the sex of the child.

Ultrasound at 30-34 weeks of pregnancy is also an important screening period, assess the state of the internal organs, the correctness of their position, the motor activity of the fetus, prevent heart disease, you can also spend a Doppler study to assess blood flow in the utero-placental vein, and the vessels umbilical cord of the fetus.

During the ultrasound determined and many other important parameters: particularly the development and structure of placenta and umbilical cord, the amount of amniotic fluid, the condition of the walls of the uterus, cervix, etc. Evaluation of the data obtained using ultrasound allows the doctor to determine the intrauterine growth, diagnose a wide range of malformations and other abnormalities.

Advantages of ultrasound:

-It is completely Painless Procedure. – It is low cost procedure. – Does not have the radiation. – It can be repeated many times in a short period of time, without the health risks. – In many cases, does not require special preparation of the patient for the study.

Ultrasound in the Atchafalaya Gynecology and Obstetrics Center:

There are several medical center offering ultrasound services around the world. However it is important to bear in mind that the clinics holding ultrasound examinations performed doctors of the highest category, PhD, with behind decades of practical work and thousands of studies. Atchafalaya tubal ligation reversal Gynecology and Obstetrics Center uses only the latest generation ultrasound machines equipped with highly sensitive sensors that allow the expert ultrasound.

We offer diagnostic ultrasound services at Atchafalaya tubal reversal Gynecology and Obstetrics Center. We are a well equipped Facility with the latest Ultrasound Imaging Systems. Please give us a call (985) 702-BABY (2229) and book your earliest appointment with us. More information visit our site: www.tubal-reversal-surgery.net

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