Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid Dress Style in 2013

Every new couple hope to have a perfect wedding.When all of the friends and relatives came to congratulate, it is hard to avoid their demands to see the new people’s wedding pictures. But the most prominent photography are the bride’s wedding gown and the groom dress, so what are the style of new people dress? Then let us see the detailed introduce.
A-design (slender feeling)
The whole design is like English letter A, wedding dress design of the upper part of the body is tight and narrow, the lower half conveniently pull wide as A. Due to the girth is not quite obvious, the overall from the top to bottom,it is in a straight line feeling, whole feels the look is tall.The design gets the bride’s favour very much.
Fitted model (high sense)
The close-fitting design type marriage gauze from top to bottom, give a person the feeling of nobility in whole. If you hold wedding celebration in a small and delicate site, wearing the wedding,it will highlight your noble temperament feeling much more.
Priness Line type (elegant feeling)
Wedding gown that he upper part is close-fitting, pull wide natural type for the lower below the waist to skirt, this kind of wedding gown design is quite common, with the lower half wedding gown skirt amount of different design,it can match in different venue.
Ball design(Luxuriant feeling)
After shrinkage girth for waist, the wedding dress design that waist till skirt department as bell type, it can show its luxuriant sense in the spacious accasion specially.
Fish type (temperament elegant and mature feeling)
With thin narrow design concept, the broad skirt design under the knee process like beauty fish of, in the spacious acccasions can dash show integral feeling very much.
Knee short form marriage gauze (lovely feeling)
Skirt only to the knee, from the whole feels quite light and lovely, it is suitable for easy type of outdoor diners and overseas wedding.
Wiping a bosom dress is important chosen which a lot of modern marriage bride’s choice, for these bride speaking, how to wear the wiping a bosom dress is an important problem. Here is to teach you how to wear the wipe chest dress and the collocation method, let us have a look.
Today the most popular wiping a bosom dress, beautiful clipping radian draws the outline of your perfect chest line, small dew business line, not be afraid of exposed. As a wedding banquet equipment, wipe the chest small dress become one of the most popular bridal gown design. You can match with paillette adorns the hand or crystal Mosaic shoes, nearly color but different, deduce the bride’s gentle woman flavour in the change!
How to wea the matron of honour wipes bosom small formal dress r? Pure and fresh quietly elegant wipes bosom dress, I think it is heart love for many a matron of honour, all kinds of beautiful skirt have patches of bright yellow, soft powder, light green candy color highlight sweet petite bridesmaid dress, Also have aluminium, blackish green.
Red grabs people’s eyes, but can also robbed the bride’s thunder. Suggest that the bride dress a Chinese style dress, can put on red chest small formal attire in collective.

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