Under Cover – Looking after your garden furniture sets

Now that the best part of the year is over and it is unlikely that you will sit in your garden for a BBQ or a meal you may want to consider what is best for your garden furniture sets especially if made out of teak.

Teak will survive being left outside due to the abundance of oil found naturally within the wood but if you wish to look after your garden table and chair sets a few sensible precautions can be taken so in the following year when the sun starts to shine and you do wish to eat outside you do not have to spend time cleaning your furniture.

Ultimately if you have the space, the best solution is to put the whole set under cover, perhaps in an outhouse or garage. This may necessitate taking the legs off the table but if done carefully and the bolts kept securely will not harm the table in any way. If this is not possible a purpose built cover can be bought from your supplier or garden centre and used to cover either the table or the table and chairs.

If just the table is covered the chairs can be stored away elsewhere. If the cover is big enough it may cover the chairs as well. Remember if buying a cover for this purpose to add at least 50cms to the width of your table to accommodate the chairs but the exact dimensions will vary dependent on the style of chair you have and how much they go under the table. Also be aware that in most cases when chairs are stored under a cover with a table, the cover will not reach the ground and may leave the legs slightly exposed.

Rain can accumulate in pockets within the cover if used to cover more than just the table so to avoid this try putting something on the table sufficiently large to add a peak under the cover to allow the water to run on to the floor. If these pockets are unavoidable you may have to occasionally empty any water off the table to avoid the water collecting and potentially splitting the cover since it can get very heavy.

Covers used for covering both garden table and chair sets need to be securely tied down to prevent them blowing about in the winter wind. This can normally be done with special ties that are found on the specialist covers.

Having chosen your cover try to ensure that your teak furniture is dry and free from moisture and leaves before covering it for the winter. This will avoid the water becoming unpleasant and means when you come to use your garden furniture sets in the summer or spring you will not have to clean it other than perhaps give it a brief brush down.



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