The Glass Table and the Gloss: More than Just Utility

Furniture has been an integral part of the human being’s daily life since a very long time. Looking back, if one goes back a long way, one is likely to see the use of furniture mainly as items of utility’ naturally, these were not given much importance then as far as looks were concerned. What was more important back then was the hardiness and longevity of the same. With time, of course, things have changed a lot. Items of furniture are no longer items of utility today, they have taken over as showpieces; many items of furniture are bought solely for the purpose of making the room look beautiful. Naturally, therefore, a lot of thought today goes behind the creation as well as buying of furniture. The glass table therefore has become a must item in every household; despite the apparent fragility of the surface, these are hardy and durable, and look extremely good as the centrepiece of a sparely furnished room.  Of similar importance and beauty is the presence of a gloss dining table; a chipped and discoloured table in the brightly and immaculately furnished dining room looks ugly and sadly out of place. Naturally, the designers have started to pay a lot of attention to these items of utility, making sure that a single piece of furniture looks like a work of art rather than a piece of wood or metal.


However, along with the economic meltdown all across the globe, utility has taken precedence over the element of beauty. Although people have not become any less refined in taste, the importance and necessity of choosing an item of furniture that is more useful than beautiful has come to the forefront. Moreover, people have also started top polish up their basic skills of carpentry that they might have learned in elementary and middle school; the sole purpose being to do some work on the pieces of extra wood at home and shape it into a piece of furniture of one’s own choice instead of investing in a readymade article from the stores. Thus, there are a lot of people today that we might see making a gloss dining table or fashioning a beautiful closet out of an old shoebox or a few pieces of leftover wood from more prosperous days.


The beauty of creating items of furniture a one’s own home is, not the least of all, in the satisfaction that it provides. Remember the elation at being able to make a bird-bath back in the wood carving classes at school? Or maybe making a simple wheelbarrow brand new by painting it over with colours of the imagination? He same thrill is experienced when an item of utility is made with our own hands. Beside, the effort is much cost-saving; you can buy the materials of your choice and at the price you deem is correct and the labour is your own, therefore doesn’t cause any strain on the wallet. Moreover, whether you are making a glass table or simply giving your old table a glossy makeover, the design is your own and can be completely unique if you are imaginative enough.

The glass table in your home is not only an item of utility. Make sure that none of your furniture is an eyesore; add a gloss dining table to your home and see the rooms shine with the reflected glory!

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