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Under Cover – Looking after your garden furniture sets

Now that the best part of the year is over and it is unlikely that you will sit in your garden for a BBQ or a meal you may want to consider what is best for your garden furniture sets especially if made out of teak. Teak will survive being left outside due to the […]

You Must Know About Hard Wood Floors

You’ve been holding up an extended time for your brand new hardwood flooring and not that you beyond any doubt have it, you’re determined to prefer to hop right into laying it whenever this would work out the best so you can get your furniture revamped how you need it and sit back and esteem […]

Italian Marble Dining Table Is in Vogue through Decades

Italian marble has its own aureole of popularity since its inception. The Italian marble dining table products have been able sustain its popularity through decades because of the grandness of the material used. This type of marble has traditionally been chosen by aristocrats and art-aficionados. However, the designer furniture sellers across the world have felt […]

The Glass Table and the Gloss: More than Just Utility

Furniture has been an integral part of the human being’s daily life since a very long time. Looking back, if one goes back a long way, one is likely to see the use of furniture mainly as items of utility’ naturally, these were not given much importance then as far as looks were concerned. What […]

An extendible dining table to fit into your small dining space

If you are planning to renovate your house and want to make it look better, it is important that you pay attention to the kitchens and dining space apart from the bedrooms and living rooms. Kitchen turns out to be an important spot in any house for it is not just the place where delicious […]