Attaining SM Success through Engagement Tracking

The way to succeed in social media is through social engagement. Social media interactions can be utilized to offer requested data, answer questions and solve concerns. Engagement offers clients and consumers the voice or platform to state their views and feel more connected with a brand. As a result word of mouth publicity for a brand or service is automatically generated.


A recent study conducted by MarketingProfs revealed the following facts:

  • The people who gets engaged with brands through social media communications remain emotionally attached to the brands and spend approximately 20 to 40 percent on purchasing multiple goods when they are compared to other consumers
  • What is interesting to note is that social media engagement seems to generate the highest spending lift amidst the consumers or the “Passives”


Engagement tracking in the form of comments and feedback contributed to reviews, videos, feedbacks and others are positive signs. A prominent example in this regard is the famous Volkswagen Force commercial that was released on YouTube that generated almost 31,000 comments back in February 2011.


Therefore, social media monitoring and engagement tracking when managed efficiently offers beneficial results. Today there are eminent social analytics service providers that have introduced advanced analytics that enables in providing perceptive insights and actionable intelligence. Some of the essential features of advanced analytics are as follows:


  • Assists in evaluating data immediately from numerous mobile, social and web platforms to help the game developers and social commerce organizations improve consumer acquisition, engagement tracking and monetization campaigns on an end-to-end basis
  • Enables in modernizing the ability to capture broad data, discover meaningful insights and close the loop with real time automated action
  • Helps in useful tracking of user behavior in real time and get instant feedback on what is working and what is not working for a company’s online campaign
  • Makes use of a visualization interface that assists companies to have a clear understanding of business performance to arrive at quicker and smarter decisions


Most organizations are focusing on a quantitative analysis and analytics in order to enhance and optimize. Therefore, when it is about gaining success in social media monitoring advanced analytics helps organizations to make the most of their online campaigns by letting them know what works for them and what does not.


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