BA Training helps you to update your corporate world

Usually companies are not in the habit of getting their people trained at regular intervals. They expect people to be productive with their existing skill set not understanding the fact that trainings can help people update their skill set and be more productive. Not all the people have same skill set; there are variations that exist within the team.

People are busy with their day to day routine, teams coping up with their deadline pressures. It is not possible for them to individually ramp up on new technologies.

When the project which require new technology comes as an opportunity and the company lacks people having those skills many problems arise and the company is left with few options either hire new people who know these technologies other option is getting their existing resources trained .Each of these have their drawbacks. One common drawback is the schedule slippage due to either hiring new people or getting existing one trained. 

Highlights of our corporate training: 

  • Content can be customized

We can customize the content according to your business needs if required.

  • Our Trainer can reach you at your premises

Our Trainer can reach you at your premises and let your team free from the hassle of relocating for the Business Analyst Training that could save our time.

  • Both on-site and online ba trainings are available

We support both modes of trainings on-site and on-line trainings.

Following best practices:

One of the best practices is having your team grow horizontally getting them trained altogether, so you may be having more of your resources to be productive. If the company is in the habit to get their employees getting trained frequently they will be having a rich resource bank and these resources could be utilized in a very productive manner. 

Supported Tools:

We provide training for using the tools that could increase team‘s productivity. As these tools supports many processes.

  • Enterprise Architect
  • Rational Pro
  • Visio
  • Axure

Standard documentation conventions:

The standard convention that technical documentation needs would be same throughout the team and there will not be any convention mismatches. Technical writing is one of the fundamental job responsibilities of a Business Analyst .If same conventions are followed and people have the same understanding of standards then the chances of information being mismatched will be reduced.


Cost depends on the following factors:

  • Number of team members
  • Type of BA Training on-site or online
  • Location of on-site classes

Having same foundation concepts regarding the methods to be followed increases productivity.

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