Why Should You Enrol in a Post-Secondary Communications and Media Education Foundation Program?

The communications and media foundations program is one-year, post-secondary program that

  • Introduces students to various communications and media related career paths and industries
  • Helps students in exploring and experiment with contemporary digital and social media production tools
  • Helps students develop fundamentals for success in communications and media fields
  • Helps students explore diverse college programs related to communications and media and choose the one that best suits their career goals and interests
  • Helps students prepare for college programs in advanced advertising and marketing communications, advanced journalism, advanced broadcasting and film
  • Helps students develop communications skills required to work in communications and media industries
  • Helps students develop English language skills necessary to seek admission in communications and media courses

It’s an intensive preparation program that helps students understand various educational programs and career opportunities available in various areas of communications and media. Besides, it helps them build critical basics in

  • Multimedia
  • Digital culture
  • Tools and processes for communicators
  • Various forms of media
  • Building communications portfolio
  • Media writing
  • Media communications

Benefits of Communications and Media Foundations Program

The graduates of a media education foundation program demonstrate the ability to

  • Effectively use rich media applications
  • Create and maintain a forum in social media
  • Apply theoretical principles to produce practical communications and media solutions
  • Research and describe media forms, platforms and audiences
  • Effectively use traditional and non-traditional communication methods
  • Use appropriate terminology, vocabulary and communicative strategies in business environment
  • Write in basic formats for diverse media platforms
  • Examine beliefs, values and behaviours of an individual or a community and identify the basis for respectful relationships

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for this program, students will need:

  • Secondary school diploma or equivalent
  • English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent

Who Should Enrol into a Communications and Media Foundations Program?

A foundational media education and communication program may be the right choice for those who want to:

  • Explore various career options that communications and media industries offer
  • Develop a familiarity with college programs in diverse communications and media and other related fields before choosing one and moving ahead in a particular direction
  • Obtain rewards for being able to apply for a particular post-secondary program in communications and media
  • Meet admission requirements for programs in broadcasting and film, journalism or advertising and marketing communication management

Choosing the Right College

Although many colleges in Canada offer one-year, post-secondary communications and media foundations programs but not all meet your specific goals. Therefore, before applying with any college, make sure to find out if

  • The program provides a pathway for further post-secondary education
  • The program helps you meet admission requirements for a program in communications and media of your choice
  • The preparation program is guided by creative media industry professionals
  • The program includes creative exploration and experimentation with digital and social media tools

Centennial Colleges communications and media foundations program meets all your specific career goals and provides a pathway for further education. In addition, it focuses on helping students develop strong fundamentals, through practical application of skills, guided by creative media industry professionals.

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