Study Media Sales, Planning, Buying and Research In An Industry-Approved Program

“Centennial’s Advertising Media Management program provided me with the skills that today’s demanding advertising media industry requires,” says Kyla Hutchings of the program from which she graduated in 2012. “Whether it’s media sales, planning, buying, or research, the faculty prepared us for this exciting, and ever-changing industry. The third semester of field placement gives students a competitive edge against any other post-graduate advertising program.”

Kyla’s testimonial clearly demonstrates some of the benefits of this media management degree program, which prepares students to work with advertising agencies, independent media management companies, marketing companies, multimedia owners and sellers, research companies and advertisers. Aside from the field placement mentioned by Kyla, students have the opportunity for much hands-on learning in their courses, as they are facilitated from fully equipped computer labs with the latest software. This program is the first of its kind in Canada.

Here is a closer look at some of the offering’s courses.

Integrated Marketing Foundations: This course gives students a base for the rest of the program. Students learn the fundamentals of marketing and the key elements of integrated marketing communications, including: sales promotion, event marketing, public relations/publicity, Internet marketing and direct marketing.

Introduction to Media Planning: This course covers a broad selection of new and traditional media channels from the perspective of how the consumer interacts with them in his or her day-to-day life. Through evaluating the impact and weaknesses of a variety of channels, including their cost effectiveness and efficiency, students learn how these channels can be combined to create powerful media plans.

Media Research Data and Analyses: Effective advertising campaigns require effective message delivery to make sure the campaign is seen by the right people the right amount of times with the right amount of impact. This course familiarizes students with key research databases used in the industry, the methodology each company uses to collect information and how to run the programs as well analyzing and applying the information to develop target audience profiles, brand and product category profiles and analysis of media measurement.

Media Buying and Reporting: After the buy is completed, a campaign needs to be managed and reported. In this offering, students learn just that, including the most popular campaign management applications (such as DDS and Adtrac). They also master untangling discrepancies, negotiating make-goods, tracking campaign results, database management, and completing post-buy and return on investment evaluations.

Media Advertising Negotiation and Sales: Being able to seal the deal is an essential part of the industry. As such, this Media Management course helps students to develop the negotiation skills and sales savvy required for media professionals whether they are buying or selling. Through the use of case studies and real life situations, students learn to consider the needs of all stakeholders — suppliers, the agency and clients.

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