Is IT Outsourcing Truly As Advantageous As It Appears To Be?

Anyone who likes to keep up-to-date with current happenings around the world will not be new to the term IT outsourcing since it has been the way of the world since the last decade. Being different from the traditional method of conducting business which was prevalent during the twentieth century, it entails entrusting specific jobs of the business to an outside firm and paying them for the performance. Depending on the location of the other firm, the phenomenon could be termed as local, regional, national or offshore outsourcing and is definitely the ‘in-thing’ in the corporate world today.



On being questioned about their decision to opt for IT outsourcing, many firms justify their actions by saying that it is advantages personified. The biggest reason is of course cost cutting which has become the order of the day ever since recession has reared its ugly head. Owing to lack of finances, many businesses have been faced with the unpleasant choice of either drastically reducing costs or shutting down. Under such trying circumstances offshore outsourcing is like a God-send because not only does it reduce cost by almost half but it also puts a cap on operational expenditure.



Companies which opt for IT outsourcing benefit in terms of efficiency as well – in this respect the popular cliché of killing two birds comes to mind. While on one hand it enables the business to focus more on its core competencies, on the other it results in provision of better and cheaper IT solutions. Once the burden of researching and implementing IT solutions has been dished out through offshore outsourcing, the staff is mentally free to focus on ways to make the business grow. This in turn saves time and since time is money in today’s world, it saves money as well.



Given the rapidly changing technology scenario, many businesses find it extremely difficult to cultivate new expertise at such frequent intervals not only in terms of knowledge but also in terms of cost and maintenance. IT outsourcing comes to the rescue of such entrepreneurs because it provides them with an opportunity to hire specialized individuals and utilize their expertise without keeping them on a payroll. All that is required prior to offshore outsourcing is identification of an appropriate and most suitable provider and then working out the cost with them.



There are two keys to the survival and success of any business namely improved productivity and reduced downtime and both are facilitated by IT outsourcing. To improve productivity, it is imperative to plan, implement and monitor technology. This in turn will facilitate optimum communication, innovation and disbursement of knowledge and enable the business to improve in terms of performance. Likewise, an extended downtime can also impact the business severely and can be effectively curtailed through offshore outsourcing which will maximize uptime.


Something that is imperative for every business is growth and somehow ensuring growth has become an extremely challenging task in this volatile economic environment. With the option of IT outsourcing in the wings, it is indeed possible to chase the dream of growth without compromising on the quality of your workforce. Thanks to a well chosen offshore outsourcing provider, you would enjoy the advantage of having computers in superb functional state. In addition, it would lead you into a hitherto unknown world of service providers not to mention the creme de la creme of the IT industry.

One of the aspects of a contemporary business is IT outsourcing but critics often wonder as to why this concept is so popular. Ask any entrepreneur and he will answer this question by enumerating the various ways in which offshore outsourcing has benefitted his business and this is reason enough for its rising popularity.

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