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fellas tremendous admirers of Empower Network. But it’s all a bit about semantics isn’t it? Who is to say how much a box of pencils should cost? Or a hosted, pre-built viral blogging system with educational programs included. Hell,Heck,Geez a MacDonald’s franchise may,might,could,can be bought for $2,000,000 right now. I really don’t think that it would be worth millions yet you don’t see law enforcement smashing down the doors of the MacDonalds headquarters for suspicion of being a pyramid scheme, however it is. The several people at the top make truck-loads of cash, the regionals earn somewhat less. The store managers earn at a middle class rate and the waged employees make hardly anything. The people who put their money in are the guys making the big dollars. The reason why the affiliate marketing industry is seen as being so much different is something that is better known to somebody else.

The initial intention behind the Empower Network was to give the new guy the tools that he was lacking, because he simply doesn’t have the skills to build a successful online business. I guess if someone was outraged at the idea of seeing others get ahead or to get a leg up, to get some help, that would really drive them crazy.

Here’s what has to say about this:

What is the reason behind the development of the Empower Network?

Let’s face it: Most of the people are in the internet marketing industry to make money. In order to make money in the internet you need to:

Expose your offer to as many people as possible.
Have good copywriting skills in order to have an appealing offer in a capture page.
Have a very good persuasion and selling skills.

Now, if you are promoting an affiliate product, you will get only 20%-50% commissions for all your efforts.

This is just a lot of skills for a newbie internet marketer to master. This is especially true for the sales and the copywriting that are skills are most newbies do not possess when they are doing their first steps online.

The intention of the David couple when they have developed “Empower Network” was to give people a platform where they don’t have to have these skills in order to make a sale. This is because when you join the Empower Network you are leveraging and using the great copywriting and sales skills of David Wood who is closing your leads for you (in the videos and in the email marketing).

And this guy really knows his stuff. I encourage you to watch some of his videos, I know that you will learn a lot for your business. I know I had.

Another great incentive that Empower Network offers is that you get 100% commission for sales directly into your account, exactly as if you were marketing your own product. This is because of an unique pass-up compensation plan.

The reality is that Empower Network is not for everyone. No business is for everyone. And no income in any business can be guaranteed. It is suggested that if you bump in to someone telling you that it’s “easy” or that it’s “guaranteed” that person is most likely not trustworthy. A full earning disclosure has been published by Empower Network, LLC since the beginning and is available on the company’s website.

If you want to know more information about Empower Network, just visit the website from the following anchor link: Find out more about Empower Network blogs. You’ll find valuable information about Empower Network at: Review.

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