Bridal Wedding Dresses – How to Choose the Best One


A wedding dress is not just any dress – it is the dress, the most important piece of clothing you will ever wear in your entire life. That’s why it is so important to find the perfect wedding gown, one which truly makes you look and feel unbelievable. Make your wedding dress search easier by learning about the best wedding gowns for every season.

You want the perfect wedding dress, so you have made it a major focus of your pre wedding planning. There are some things you need to find from the bridal shop, before you even look at your first gown. Do you need to make an appointment to visit the shop? Does the store carry dresses you can afford Can you browse the whole collection, or do you only get to see the dresses the sales person chooses for you? If this shop doesn’t carry the dress you love, can it be ordered?

There are a few ways to find your dream gown without losing your mind in the process. You can cross your fingers and search online for a second hand designer dress. However, the perfect dress, for the right price is rarely in the correct size, which can be frustrating. The same can be said for sample sales and outlet pricing. Amazing dresses are usually available in every size. Depending on exactly how frugal your budget is and how much time you have before your wedding, there are alternatives available.

Most stores that sell bridal gowns will have the dresses to be a little larger than it should be. This is because altering a larger dress into a smaller one is much easier as compared to making a dress bigger from a smaller dress. Most shops will take your largest measurement and base your dress here so to make sure that the dress can be altered if ever it does not fit properly. Most bridal shops will offer wedding dress alterations to make the bride pleased with her purchase of the wedding dress.

Once you’ve decided on the location and formality or informality of your wedding, the choice of dress becomes easier. A formal wedding call for a ballgown with a long train made in a brocade, duchesse satin or other formal fabric. On the other hand, a formal gown with a long train would look out of place at garden wedding with a barbeque reception. If you are getting married on-site at your reception location, your decision about having a train on your gown may be determined by whether you have stairs to walk up or down and whether the ceremony is indoors or outdoors. You want to be comfortable and not worrying about tripping over your dress at some point! Consider the time of year, too. Most of today’s gowns are strapless and in my experience, this is not a terrifically practical style. Also consider the shape or tone of your arms when deciding on strapless or sleeveless gowns. Some churches require your shoulders to be covered during the wedding ceremony.

For those brides who know how to sew, or have a relative or friend who knows how to work a sewing machine, you are in luck. Use your dream gown as inspiration and identify the details that make it special when compared to other gowns. Once you find a gown that is the same shape, mimic a few of those exquisite designs on your dress. Do not be over zealous and try to completely sequin or bead an entire dress. Instead, simply add trim or beading to the train or the sash. Many times, adding a bit of lace or shimmer to the neckline or the sleeves of the gown will give you the same designer taste for far less expense than the original.

When you go out to look for your wedding gown, choose carefully who goes with you. Your bridesmaids may not be willing to tell you the truth for fear of hurting your feelings. And depending on your relationship with your mother, she may not be the right choice either.


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